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Apr 24, 1998 10:00 PM

Piccola Venezia's 25th Anniversary

  • j

What can I say. Probably the most consistent and
friendly restaurant in Queens is celebratingit's 25th
Congratulations to Ezio and his son Roberto on their
great food and hospitality.
Since 1973, (for me and my family since 1975) the best
food and wine that Queens has to offer.
Sincerely, JK

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  1. I would like to add to John's 25th anniversary
    congratulations to Piccola Venezia.
    As one reviewer wrote (sorry I do not recall the name):
    "If you arrive at PV feeling down, you will leave
    feeling good!" That says it all. My family and I also
    extend our best wishes for continued future success to
    Ezio, Roberto, Chris and the entire staff (especially
    our favorite waiters Ricky and Corrado).
    Thank you for all the wonderful dinners we have enjoyed
    over the years and we look forward to many more!

    The D'Addario's