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Apr 23, 1998 02:21 PM

Best Greek Food in Astoria

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Been out here for almost a year and have eaten at most
of the better-known places. Zenon, on 31st Avenue near
35th Street (?), definitely leads the pack. Simply
top-notch. Don't be squeemish: try the sweetmeats
appetizer and the quail (ortakia) main course. Haven't
been disappointed by anything there yet.

Also, am I the only one who thinks that Christos Hasapo
serves the second-best Porterhouse Steak in the five
boroughs? Lugers is still best, but Christos is pretty
close and a whole lot less expensive. Plus you can have
it with lemon grilled potatoes.

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  1. We've recently started going to S'Agapo (34-21 34th
    Ave.), across the street from the Kaufman Astoria
    studios. It's an ouzeri (or tapas-style
    bar/restaurant), which means that you can make a meal
    of the appetizers (or mezethes), and we wholly
    recommend that approach. A recent visit included
    amazing grilled octopus (better than Periyali), fried
    zuchini with garlic paste, eggplant spread, and great
    pan-fried soft-shelled crab. They also have beautiful
    salads. A little off the main Astoria thoroughfare (a
    long block off broadway) but well worth a visit.

    Also check out Akroyali, on Broadway and 33rd Street.
    A solid and enjoyable Greek restaurant. Either of
    these two places beats Uncle George's any day of the
    week, and is likely to be less crowded, too.