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Apr 22, 1998 05:07 PM

La Detente

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Had a really nice Hatian taxi driver last night after the Erykah Badu concert (truly amazing!!!) and he gushed and gushed about the Hatian-Creole "La Detente" on 94th Street off the Grand Central. I've passed it a zillion times but never venture in. Any good?

Regards, Lisa

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    Steve Plotnicki

    When I lived in Forest Hills (1982-1986), I picked up
    takeout once. The operative word is once. I just had a
    similar experience at Nakasaki in Hempstead which
    served us, "grey food". It was so bad that a member of
    our group refused to eat at all after she saw the
    food. What they serve at these catering halls is much
    too polished and mediocre for true foodies to get
    excited about. Another example is Niedersteins in
    Middle Village. I never understood why anyone would
    want to eat in that catering hall when you could go
    down the road to Zum Stamtisch.