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Apr 15, 1998 02:49 PM

Hey Lisa! Are you okay? You're not fasting are you?

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Christina Z.

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    Lisa Antinore

    Hi Christina,

    Still mangia -ing! Wish I had the discipline to fast.... Just posted in the "General" section on the boards- Check it out.

    Hope all is well. Did you ever try Singh's pizza? Let me know what you thought... BTW, are you from Queens?

    Happy Eating!!! Lisa

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    1. re: Lisa Antinore
      Steve Plotnicki

      I used to eat Singh's pizza all the time. When I lived
      in Forest Hills (now I live in Manhattan), I
      occassionally would pick up an anchovy pie when
      driving home from the office. Sometimes the wait would
      be excruciating. I remember it being somewhat
      different from your standard pizza. Something about
      the dough.