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Apr 13, 1998 11:00 AM

Oznot's Dish in Brooklyn

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We had a surprisingly good dinner last night at OZNOT'S DISH [79 Berry Street, at 9th Street; 718-599-6596], a Middle Eastern-inspired restaurant in Williamsburg which we'd never heard of before our Brooklyn-based friends suggested meeting there. The restaurant's unusually extensive wine list was filled with some great finds, and I really enjoyed the food in this funky, soulful setting. Our waiter told us that the chef was a French Culinary Institute-trained Army brat whose travels are reflected in his eclectic food.

Has anyone else checked it out yet?

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  1. I've been 3 or 4 times now, always with great results.
    The food is quite good, and not expensive--but I go
    for the wine list. It is not deep in old or famous
    Bordeaux or Burgundy, though there are afew. But it is
    packed with well-selected wines from all over,
    especially from emerging areas. The list is obviously
    a lbor of love.

    Perhaps a year ago, I posted a wildly enthusiastic
    note on the Wine Spectator's Dining Board about the
    restaurant and its list. Unfortunately, the magazine
    didn't mention Oznut's in its recent issue about NYC.
    I suppose they felt they could review someplace small,
    or someplace outside Manhattan, but not both.

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    1. re: Alan Emdin

      Dined there last week...for some reason, the first
      return visit in several years...I'd forgotten how good
      the food is! Other folks must be forgetting, too -- On
      this particular Friday night in early June, the place
      was nearly empty (do W-burgh bohos have summer

      Everything we ate was wonderful -- inventive, hip, and
      tasty all at the same time. The afore-mentioned
      winelist *is* a labor of love--we had a long talk
      (well, it was more of a lecture, with us on the
      listening end)with the fellow who picks the wines about
      his list. He has dedicated himself to picking unusual
      and interesting wines from around the world. None of
      the usual suspects for him! While that could give you a
      list that sacrifices quality for exotic names, we chose
      (or did he?) a bottle that matched our dinners to a T.
      Long live Oznot!

    2. We've been there three times and have enjoyed it every
      time. The food is creative, tasty and we love the
      bohemian atmosphere. The prices are a little high
      for the small portions, but not enough to keep us away.