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Mar 25, 1998 06:52 AM

Speaking of Pizza . . .

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Can someone tell me about Singha Pizza in Flushing?
I've heard it's not your ordinary pizza. What makes
it unique and is it worth trying?

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    Lisa Antinore

    What makes it unique is that you have to wait 40 minutes for a little anemic pie that should normally take about 7 minutes...

    As I've mentioned before, on Saturdays I teach in a Taiwanese school in downtown Flushing...Singha's is just up the block... When we get our luch break, all of the TA's (college-age Asian kids) race each other to Singha's for one of these little pies. They asked me on one of their excursions once and even though their comapny was sublime, it didn't make up for the yucky 'za on my plate.

    Stay home and make and English muffin pizza, you'll like it better...


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    1. re: Lisa Antinore

      But other than that, do they use the regular pizza
      formula of dough, crust, cheese, tomato sauce and
      toppings? For some reason I thought their preparation
      adhered to some religious dietary restrictions.

      Anyway, thanks for the warning. I'll stick to English
      muffins as you suggest.


      Christina Z.