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Mar 15, 1998 03:30 PM

Sfingi di San Giuseppe

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I swore I was only going to pick up some pignoli cookies at D'Aquila Bakery (right next door to Graziella Pizza at 33-25 Francis Lewis Blvd- gotta have a slab of their grilled vegetable focaccia sandwich...) I promised myself I'd walk right past the trays of Saint Joseph's sfingi and not give in. I said I'd be a good girl and wait until Thursday..... BUT....I couldn't resist the ricotta cream, chocolate chip studded hunks that were atop the counter. "I'll take four.." I told the countergirl. "Can't wait til the nineteenth?" she teased....

MMMMMMMM! I can't get enough of D'Aquila's anything, but their Sfingi is THE best hands down. The dough is yeasty and crisp and the silken ricotta filling has the perfect degree of sweetness. They only make this delectable for one week each year, so get in line with the neighborhood Sicilians and pick some up for you and yours..If you want to go all out have it with a big plate of pasta con sarde on Thursday evening...

It's a great eating week for Catholics, and although I don't have any Irish in me I like a good corned beef and cabbage dinner once a year. While at Long Island City's Costco Price Club this morning, I noticed absolutely gorgeous, lean corned beef in the meat section. I was very impressed with how well it had been cut. A sweet Irish woman from Woodside was beside me and she was waxing philisophical about how fantastic it had cooked up...

Also at the Price Club were "Chupa Chups" those trendy new ice cream-flavored lollipops that all of my Latino students have been sucking...In last week's Spanish edition of People magazine, there was an article about the sudden popularity of "Chupa Chups" with the celebrity set and I tried and tried to find them, but they were always sold out... Lo and behold there were big cans with 120 pops inside for a mere $5.99!!! Yummy!!!

A Happy and Healthy Saint Patrick's and Saint Joseph's Day to all of you!!!

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  1. dear lisa, haven't been to queens on a sfingi run yet,
    but was very pleased and surprised to find villabate
    pastry, down the street from the legendary alba's in
    brooklyn. they beat any i've ever had in the bronx or
    manhattan, and at 1.40 for a huge specimen, the price
    was definitely right. crisp, airy pastry, and a whole
    lotta very fresh ricotta cream inside. if you're a
    sfingi junkie like me, it's worth your while to try

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    1. re: mariabennett

      Villabate! Yes! A wonderful place. I took a friend
      from Sicily there not long ago and he loved it. He was
      skeptical about finding authentic cannoli or sfingi
      outside of Sicily -- he lives in Catania, which has
      several wonderful pasticcerie -- but Villabate
      definitely changed his mind.