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Mar 1, 1998 03:27 PM

Jackson Hole Coming To Bayside and Shepherd's Pie Panacea

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Driving down Bell Blvd. after the movies last week I noticed a sign in the window of the the old diner across the street from Tequila Sunrise: "Coming Soon- Jackson Hole" it read. What a goldmine of an idea! Equidistant from two movie theatres and a strip of pubs.... I just hope it doesn't hurt the burger business at my favotite bacon and cheese palce, Donovan's.

Speaking of which, I've been spending a frightening amount of time there lately. It definitley has something to do with my bizarre mashed potatoes and hot gravy cravings (this from a girl who eschews spuds even on Thanksgiving- I hate them!!!) If truth be told it has everything to do with officially calling off a six year shabang with a guy I love but can't marry. But I'll let you all read about it in my upcoming script: "Curve Balls and Monkey Wrenches- The John Years..." If by the way, you know of anyone 25 and older who likes to eat and read send them my way....

Enough digression- back to the Shepherd's Pie thing. My favorite Donovan's waitress, the one who calls me "pet", took one look at my forelorn, troubled face and told me Shepherd's Pie was the epitome of Irish comfort food. She simply would lot alow me to order the bacon cheeseburger. How could I resist?

It was celestial. I forgot my problems after the first spoonful of the gravy laden, crumbled beef, browned potatoes spoonful. My friends thought I was insane when I ordered two to go. "How much comfort do you need?" my pet-calling waitress inquired. If she only knew...

My mom couldn't believe her food-savvy daughter was waxing phiosophical about "gravy from a can." I shrugged her off. I had never eaten Shephedr's Pie before and was making up for lost time. I went on a quest for the best Shephed's Pie in Queens (not into NYC these depressing days...) I sunk to new lows and even went to Boston Market for the first time but their rendition had chunks of beef and I preferred the crumbles at Donvans. I even checked out the Shepherd's Pie across the steet from Donovan's at Monyihan and Fitzgerald (recommended by an Irish teacher at work...) A couple of dollars more got me pastry bag rosette potatoes on top with anemic gravy. It wasn't Donovans by any means....

Well, I had eight Shepherd's pies in six days and my heart is lighter. Strangely enough, so is my body. I somehow managed to lose three pounds! Move over Cabbage Soup Diet!!!!

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    Dave Feldman

    Sorry about the b.f., Lisa, but food is more dependable anyway.

    My guess is that your shepherd's pie will be more satisfying than a Jackson Hole. IMO, there burgers are not very tasty -- just big. I get bored halfway through them.

    DF, who wonders how you lost weight on a shepherd's pie diet

    1. If you like Shepherd's pie, one of the best I've tasted is made daily at an Irish Deli on Queens Blvd between 41st and 42nd street in Sunnyside.

      1. b
        Brenda Hughes

        Hey Lisa, "tanks, pet!" for the nice things you say about Donovans, I work there as a hostess, You have made my job more important now!! I've been there for over 3 years so I probably know you to see!!
        Anyhow I printed out the website and will show it to the legendary Joe Donovan, I'm sure he'll be pleased - then perhaps I'll ask him for a raise!!
        You should try the chopped steak with mushroom gravy next time, it's the same meat as the hamburgers but you get MORE!! Just to let you know a little insiders news from Donovans: we (staff) all eat those Hamburgers too!! We luv 'em!
        lattah, Brenda