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Feb 27, 1998 05:53 PM

peruvian in park slope

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Recently visited a brand new Peruvian place in Park Slop (5th Ave between 6th & 7th). Formerly the Juvenil Platenese Soccer Club, it's now called Coco Roco (new owners). During the week the menu is firmly grounded in pollo a la brasa (actually, basically limited TO pollo a la brasa plus a couple of daily specials) but on the weekends they claim to serve a full Peruvian menu. The chicken I had was very good- not as good as El Pollo, but well worth the $3.50 they charged for it. Just wanted to let the Chowhounds know about this promising addition to the Park Slope cheap enthno food landscape.

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    Barry Strugatz

    I tried it too, though the day I went there was no Peruvian menu...the chicken was very good, the fried yuca was great! But you have to eat them fresh, when taken out they lose their crunch.

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      ted reichman

      I went back yesterday and had the ceviche which totally rocked (though I am no expert). You're right about the fried yuca, too.

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        And they do a terrific special sandwich, sandwich de
        chicharon- seasoned roast pork, red onions, and sweet
        potato slices on a soft roll; $3.95. Their rice
        pudding is pretty wonderful as well, and the guys who
        run the place are very nice and appreciative of