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Feb 17, 1998 11:30 AM

Noodle Pudding

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Inspired by Lisa's dead-on ravings regarding Atlantic
Avenue (my favorite place to take a Saturday afternoon
stroll, although I add to her pitstops a pint at Pete's
Ale House), I thought I'd alert all Chowhounds to
Noodle Pudding, the best, and probably only good,
restaurant in Brooklyn Heights. Located on Henry
Street, between Cranberry and Middagh(?) -- just past
Henry's End -- Noodle Pudding has been serving
excellent, inexpensive Italian food for a couple of
years. Pretty restaurant, nice crowd, the waiter
starts you off with half a loaf of delicious fresh
baked bread and a saucer of olive oil. Went there
Friday night, had carpaccio-arugula-parmesan salad and
endive-walnut-bluecheese salad for appetizers. The
carpaccio was so fresh it reached out and grazed the
other salad, the beef was a flavor explosion. For
entrees, roast rabbit with polenta and rosemary
(only$12.50) and homemade pasta with a sausage
-bolognese sauce. Finally, cappucino and a lemon tart,
not too sweet, with raspberries on top. Really, a
perfect meal -- and only about $45.00, without drinks.

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  1. l
    Lisa Antinore


    That carpaccio is phenomenal, isn't it!!!!!? ;)

    Patsy's under the bridge is another cool Brooklyn Heights (or is that DUMBO???) place.... I bet you've already been there....Also like the blinzes at Teresa's...Where else do you eat in Brooklyn?

    Regards, LA

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    1. re: Lisa Antinore
      Steve Plotnicki

      I'm sorry guys. I can't get next to an Italian
      resttaurant named Noodle Pudding. It's like having a
      kosher deli named "Pasta".

      1. re: Steve Plotnicki

        steve, the name IS pretty odd, but don't worry, it's a pretty good place. They DON'T stud your fettuccine Alfredo with maraschino cherries...


        1. re: Steve Plotnicki
          Howard Isaacs

          A little late to be posting this, but...the owner is
          from Ischia and his last name is migliaccio which,
          around the bay of Naples, is a sort of noodle pudding
          (blood-thickened, but I guess he didn't want the name
          to get too long).

          ward M. Isaacs
          The Italian Traveler

      2. One thing to add to Rachel's rave, is that Noodle
        Pudding welcomes you to bring your own wine ($5
        corkage). The food stands up very well to good/great
        bottles. Amarone's and Valpolicella's are especially
        good matches. Michael’s Wines, a block away at
        Cranberry and Hicks Streets, can help you out.

        My understanding is the "Noodle Pudding" derives from
        the owner's name.

        1. Hello there,

          I and my girlfriend went to N.Y. for the ultimate milenium. We are from Germany. We come around with a N.Y. inhabitant and he don´t want to be on Times Square. His tip was Brooklyn Hieghts and the bridge.

          We walk around for 30 min to find a bar or club to celebrate new year. And then we found Noodle Pudding and go in and have a graet Time.