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Noodle Pudding

Rachelhope Feb 17, 1998 11:30 AM

Inspired by Lisa's dead-on ravings regarding Atlantic
Avenue (my favorite place to take a Saturday afternoon
stroll, although I add to her pitstops a pint at Pete's
Ale House), I thought I'd alert all Chowhounds to
Noodle Pudding, the best, and probably only good,
restaurant in Brooklyn Heights. Located on Henry
Street, between Cranberry and Middagh(?) -- just past
Henry's End -- Noodle Pudding has been serving
excellent, inexpensive Italian food for a couple of
years. Pretty restaurant, nice crowd, the waiter
starts you off with half a loaf of delicious fresh
baked bread and a saucer of olive oil. Went there
Friday night, had carpaccio-arugula-parmesan salad and
endive-walnut-bluecheese salad for appetizers. The
carpaccio was so fresh it reached out and grazed the
other salad, the beef was a flavor explosion. For
entrees, roast rabbit with polenta and rosemary
(only$12.50) and homemade pasta with a sausage
-bolognese sauce. Finally, cappucino and a lemon tart,
not too sweet, with raspberries on top. Really, a
perfect meal -- and only about $45.00, without drinks.

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  1. l
    Lisa Antinore RE: Rachelhope Feb 17, 1998 12:47 PM


    That carpaccio is phenomenal, isn't it!!!!!? ;)

    Patsy's under the bridge is another cool Brooklyn Heights (or is that DUMBO???) place.... I bet you've already been there....Also like the blinzes at Teresa's...Where else do you eat in Brooklyn?

    Regards, LA

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    1. re: Lisa Antinore
      Steve Plotnicki RE: Lisa Antinore Feb 18, 1998 11:10 PM

      I'm sorry guys. I can't get next to an Italian
      resttaurant named Noodle Pudding. It's like having a
      kosher deli named "Pasta".

      1. re: Steve Plotnicki
        Jim Leff RE: Steve Plotnicki Feb 19, 1998 10:20 AM

        steve, the name IS pretty odd, but don't worry, it's a pretty good place. They DON'T stud your fettuccine Alfredo with maraschino cherries...


        1. re: Steve Plotnicki
          Howard Isaacs RE: Steve Plotnicki Jun 14, 1998 10:53 PM

          A little late to be posting this, but...the owner is
          from Ischia and his last name is migliaccio which,
          around the bay of Naples, is a sort of noodle pudding
          (blood-thickened, but I guess he didn't want the name
          to get too long).

          ward M. Isaacs
          The Italian Traveler

      2. k
        Kim RE: Rachelhope Mar 1, 1998 09:37 AM

        One thing to add to Rachel's rave, is that Noodle
        Pudding welcomes you to bring your own wine ($5
        corkage). The food stands up very well to good/great
        bottles. Amarone's and Valpolicella's are especially
        good matches. Michael’s Wines, a block away at
        Cranberry and Hicks Streets, can help you out.

        My understanding is the "Noodle Pudding" derives from
        the owner's name.

        1. s
          Silverblade RE: Rachelhope Jan 13, 2000 03:27 PM

          Hello there,

          I and my girlfriend went to N.Y. for the ultimate milenium. We are from Germany. We come around with a N.Y. inhabitant and he don´t want to be on Times Square. His tip was Brooklyn Hieghts and the bridge.

          We walk around for 30 min to find a bar or club to celebrate new year. And then we found Noodle Pudding and go in and have a graet Time.


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