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Feb 14, 1998 12:47 PM

Wang Shim Lee for Korean game

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Yesterday, Sylvia Carter wrote up Wang Shim Kee, a
Korean restaurant which sounds very unusual. Amongst
other things, it features game on the grill -- boar,
pheasant, venison, rabbit. (Last time I had such stuff
was in 1986 at a place in downtown flushing whose name
I have unfortunately forgotten -- temporary amnesia
induced by the fumes from the charcoal hibachis and
poor ventilation -- but the food was wonderful.)

Has anyone been to Wang Shim Kee? If anyone wants to
try, it is at 77-08 Woodside Ave,m Elmhurts, near the
Roosevelt Ave / Jackson Heights stop of the E/F train .
(or so it said in the paper.)

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  1. j
    John N.Knoesel

    Was it Cho Sun OK ? Which was on the second floor above
    Uncle King's on Roosevelt Ave. between Main and Union.
    Cho Sun was one of the originals. Around 84-85 I used
    to go there alot and was always the only joe in the
    place. Their short ribs were sweeter than..........
    Regards, JK

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    1. re: John N.Knoesel

      Cho Sun Ok it was. The location is exactly right,and
      name sounds right, too. Are they still around? Have
      they improved their ventilation?

      1. re: Alan Divack

        Sorry Charlie,no more Cho Sun OK. It closed about 4
        years ago. You're right, the place used to get pretty
        smokey, but that added to the experience.
        Went back to the Kebab House in Little Neck last night
        and had an unbelievable lamb shank wrapped in eggplant.
        Also had the stuffed mussel appetizer again.
        Can't wait to go back!!!!
        Regards, JK