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Feb 10, 1998 08:20 AM

Indian restaurant in Jersey City

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Anyone know a good Indian restaurant in Jersey City?

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  1. I'll answer my own question. I found Chowpatty,809 Newark Avenue, Jersey City in Sietsema's Good and Cheap Ethnic Eats. We went and yes, it is good and cheap and different. All vegetarian food from Gujarat, far west. We especially liked the Bel Poori, crispy crunchy spicy and sweet. No alcahol, fine lassi. Lunch $9 each. We were the only non Indians. We'll all go again. Definitely worth a detour - only possible problem some might find the food slightly stodgy. We went by car but apparently it is four blocks from PATH Journal square station.

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      "I'll answer my own question"

      er...can't be TOO huffy if you stop to think that Jersey City ain't an "Outer Borough"!

      : )

      seriously, congrats on finding Chowpatty. Great place, especially for the thalis and chats (Gujurati plates that look like a four year old went nuts in the kitchen)