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Jan 27, 1998 11:37 AM


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Sorry that it's taken me so long to report -- I've been
away for a week:

I love Kadel's. Excellent caribbean soul food takeout,
fish and fowl only (at least, no beef). I especially
love the barbequed chicken which comes in a thick red
sauce that I can't get enough of (can someone identify
the ingredients?). Entrees come with two sides (rice
and beans, collard greens, plantains, macaroni and
cheese, black-eyed peas, etc.), and are cheap, cheap,
cheap. It's mainly a takeout place, although at night
they set up tables, and you can sit at the window on a
porch swing and gaze out at the hospital. Very

Unfortunately, for all my rhapsodizing, my boyfriend
(we live together and thus share most all meals
together) refuses to eat there because the food is too
rich for him. So I rarely have the opportunity to
indulge. And, alas, although I love Fort Greene,
circumstances conspire to prevent me from remaining
there for long. I would absolutely recommend Kadel's
to anyone in the neighborhood. I haven't tried most of
their dishes, but what I have had has been excellent.

If only I had infinite appetite and could eat dinner
twice in one night (once at Kadel's and then later at
with Tim).


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  1. In the interests of science I have tried a few more
    dishes. Here are the results:

    Chicken Tamale: Good corn, but stuffed with chicken on
    the bone!!! little pieces of bone and cartilidge were
    abundant, very unpleasant. In my experience, the only
    good tamale is a homemade one eaten in Mexico. It's a
    dish, I think, which fails to translate

    Home fries: very yummy, although some undercooked
    potatoes (Last night may have been an off-night)

    Garlic-Mashed Potatoes: no good, strange tasting butter
    used. Stick with the more traditional caribbean

    Black-eyed peas: good, flavored-strongly with chervil??
    very unusual

    potato-salad: too mayonaissey for my tastes but spicey
    flavored with hot pepper, a spin on the classic
    supermarket deli counter potato salad.

    I stick to my first recommendation: Barbequed chicken,
    the best dish I've had there.

    Also, in addition to fish and fowl, goat is served.


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    1. re: rachelhope

      Rachel, thanks for the report...Kdell's has long
      been on my check-up list. But as for the tamales,
      you've got to remember that while Mexican ones
      great, there are myriad other styles of tamales
      all over the Western Hemisphere. They're a
      Pre-Columbian dish, made for millenia, and so
      impossible to say which culture makes the "real"
      Different countries, regions, and cities (even
      neighborhoods!) have their variations.
      For example, Columbian and Cuban tamales often
      contain the chicken bones you complained about,
      and while it's true that the bones make the
      things trickier to eat, it does make the chicken
      meat more flavorful

      1. re: Jim Leff
        Frank Language

        Hmm...I'm not sure about the trade-off (taste for
        convenience) of leaving chicken meat on the bone, but I
        noticed they do this with duck in Chinatown as well. On
        New Year's Day, I went to Tai Tung Rice Shoppe (277
        Canal Street, between Centre and Lafayette) and ordered
        the duck over rice. True, the duck was very flavorful,
        but I ended up with a little heap of bones alongside -
        and there aren't even any ashtrays on the tables
        anymore to put the bones in.

        1. re: Jim Leff

          "They're a Pre-Columbian dish, made for millenia"

          well...maybe they wern't made for MILLENIA (I mean, how can we know for tamale FOSSILS or something???), but at least for centuries

          --Jim, back from the desert, 5000 feet lower, and thinking more clearly