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Jan 20, 1998 03:11 PM

Dim Sum and A Parade

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My friends on the Taiwanese New Year Festival Committee in Flushing just passed the Parade route on to me and I thought I'd pass it on. This year it's on Saturday, January 24th from 11:00 to 2:00pm.

Forget the crowds and come to Flushing for some delish dim sum at Jade or K.B. and enjoy the lion and dragon dances.... It's a ton of fun....


START at Taiwan Center (137-44 Northern Blvd.)
WEST to Main Street
SOUTH on Main St. to Roosevelt Ave.
WEST onto Roosevelt Ave. to Prince St.
PAUSE for Lion and Dragon Dances on Roosevelt Main and Prince streets
SOUTH onto Prince St. to 40th Road
EAST onto 40th Rd. to Main St.
SOUTH onto Main St. to Kissena Blvd.
SOUTH onto Kissena Blvd. to Barclay Ave.
PAUSE for Lion and Dragon Dances on Barclay Ave. bet. Kissena Blvd. and Union St.
EAST onto Barclay Ave. to P.S. 20
END at P.S. 20 (142-30 Barclay Ave.)

Hope you all give it a shot and enjoy yourselves.

Gung Hey Fat Choy !!!! Happiness and Health this year of the Tiger!!!


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  1. oh, man! I'm going to have to miss this. I'm out in the arid desert. No dim sum for thousands of miles (gulp!)

    By the way, would everyone please refrain from talking about great food for the next two weeks, it's making me jealous!

    Nah...I guess that wouldn't work. And, anyway, I'm heading over to Tucson this weekend to gastronomically stock up, so I should be ok.


    1. A couple of friends and I went to the parade and we had
      a great time. We took your suggestion and went to K.B.
      for dim sum too. Thanks for the tip, Lisa!