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Jan 16, 1998 05:39 PM

Sunset Park Chinese

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Last weekend we were introduced by Howard Isaccs and
his wife Nadia to Jade Plaza in Sunset Park. I am
amazed that someplace of its quality (and size!) could
have been around with my having not a clue. What other
restaurants in the area would you recommend? I went to
Gai Lam once years ago, but that was it till last week.

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    David Jacobson

    Try Ocean Empire at 54th and 8th for Dim Sum, but go
    early on the weekends

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    1. re: David Jacobson

      Had Dim Sum at Jade Plaza this morning. I find it superior to many other places in the area, and they do not slack at dinner or lunch either. Another, less western-friendly (and therefore cheaper!) place is T & C which is around 56th St. The food there is very fresh and as close to Hong Kong as I have tasted. I personally do not like the food at the other big place, Ocean Palace. Last time I was there I could taste headache-sized amounts of MSG in the food. The Malaysian place on 54th and 8th also is very good, especially for hainese chicken.