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Jan 12, 1998 01:06 PM

Fish in Flushing?

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What is currently a good restaurant for seafood in
Flushing? We are going out with friends in a
few weeks who want to go to Flushing for a
seafood dinner. Cantonese preferred, but other Chinese
or Malaysian would be acceptable as long as the fish is
top quality.

Has anyone been back to Noodle Fare, the restaurant
with steamed fish lips that Lisa wrote about last

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  1. An order of roti canai as an appetizer then an order of
    house prawns at Penang on Prince Street does it for me
    every time.
    Steamed crab buns at Joe's Shanghai along with any fish
    special that night will most likely satisfy also.
    These two aren't as exotic as some of Lisa's outings
    (where you been Lisa?) but they are consistent, which
    is important when you are taking out another couple.
    Regards, JK