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Jan 6, 1998 12:53 PM

Where to go?

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Hello everybody and thanks for reading. I need advice
badly. I will be going out for dinner with family
including 6 small kids and need to find a "new" place.
I am looking for some place that has alot of room for
the kids to move around and that has a variety of
foods. We had a good time at Greenfields, Flushing
(Brazillian) on Northern blvd but now a few people are
non meat eaters. Anywhere in Queens or Long Island
would be good. Any suggestions would greatly be
appreciated. Thanks and happy chowing!

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  1. Enrico, check out Umberto's on Jericho Turnpike in New Hyde Park (there are branches in Huntington and Hicksville, too, if they're more convenient). The place makes unbelievably great sicilian pizza (by slice or whole pie), wonderful brick oven gor-may pizzas, all the usual Long Island Italian heroes/pastas/soups and also some real Italian stuff like panini. It's bustling and kids are cool...maybe not run-around-the-restaurant-screaming-their-heads-off cool, but if they get noisy at the table nobody will get annoyed.

    avoid weekend nights; it gets crowded. and if this doesn't work for you, just yell and I'll give you another tip or two!


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Thanks for the suggestion. We were talking last night
      about going there (New Hyde
      Branch) but I mentioned to my wife that it's really not
      for kids. That if we do go, we
      should reserve a room upstairs. That would set me back
      some big bucks! They do
      have the BEST sicilian pizza (I think it's because they
      use olive oil). I live in
      Flushing and even go there to get a couple of pies.
      Hey, would you happen to know
      of a place with a buffet layout. This way kids can get
      up and move around and
      people in our group can pick what they want? Again,
      thanks for your input

      1. re: Enrico
        Christina Z.

        I usually steer clear of buffets because the quality
        tends to suffer from mass presentation. BUT . . .
        China Buffet (part of a chain) is located on
        Queens Blvd where Union Turnpike hits it
        in Forest Hills. I've been to a China Buffet in
        Jersey when my boyfriend and I had to feed his
        three kids. That branch had suprisingly
        good food and was extremely kid-friendly. I can't
        vouch for the Forest Hills location but you might want
        to give it a try.

        1. re: Christina Z.

          FWIW, there's a similar joint called Buffet King in Astoria (34th ave at crescent) that started off REALLY good--amazingly so, and I dislike buffets as much as you--but has since gone way downhill, leaving Astoria once again bereft of edible Chinese eats

        2. re: Enrico

          another buffet choice: check out Brasil Grill (495 hempstead tpk, west hempstead 516-538-4425). It's far better rodizio than green fields (Brazilian owned, very authentic) for the same price, and the kids will have a ball (I reviewed it somewhere or other on this site...try using the search function off the main page, but remember to spell it "Brasil", not "Brazil"!

          1. re: Jim Leff

            There is another new riodizo called Rio Grill on Union
            Tpke @ 277 in New Hyde Park that is also pretty good.
            Went for early dinner on Sunday ( 9.95 adults 1/2 kids
            ) with the kids and has a great time. Since there are
            only about twenty tables the meats arrive much warmer.
            The salad bar is excellent and they have spaghetti for
            the kids.

            1. re: J.Knoesel

              Jim! Is Brasil Grill defunct? I could not find it in W. Hemstead and the the phone number didn't pan out either.

              1. re: eric r

                gone, gone, long gone. very very upsetting. It was the only good and authentic rodizio ever in NY...sigh....

        3. re: Jim Leff
          Gregory Holmstrom

          I Been to Umberto Pizzaera 2 times in Commack I love it. its very good food. I will go back there again.

          1. re: Jim Leff
            Gregory Holmstrom

            there is a nice Restaurant in West Islip called the
            LaGrange Inn I seen it before alot. I would like to go
            there someday and chek it out. I herad that they
            have good food. they have parties & everything
            there too. I will go there someday. a lots of Students
            from Beach Street Middle School, Udall Road Middle
            School, and West Islip High School hang out there a
            lot. I will love it.