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Jan 2, 1998 03:27 PM

Play With Your Food!!!!

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Meandering about Long Island City's Costco Price Club this afternoon I serendipitously discovered an adorable, quirky book by Joost Elffers, "Play With Your Food" (Jim's recent, FANTASTIC ChowBooks section inspired me to share this gem..)

I had seen a review for this book a few months ago and had put it on my "Books-to Get" list (in addition to being an obsessive Chowhound, I am a fanatical bibliophile...) but had never managed to locate it anywhere. It is an absolute must-have for food enthusiasts with a childlike sense of wonder (quite a combo, huh?)! Elffers masterfully challenges the age-old parental admonition, "DON'T PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD!!!!!" with his brilliant fruit and vegetable creations- cucumber lizards, red pepper hummingbirds, brussels sprout pigs, bok choy lions,and garlic swans.... A bizzare Noah's Ark meets the Salad Bar shabang.. GET THIS BOOK!!! It is great ...

Couldn't resist sampling the Price Clubs' culinary offerings (I'm sinking to new lows) and tasted some of the Food Court's scintillating dishes du jour- churros (bad) potato knish (worse) and Chicken Bake (lethal) You can see I'm committed to that New Year's diet resolution... Anyway, the Kirkland (never heard of it) frozen yogurt was pretty edible. Stick with that and the bargain toilet paper.....

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    Dave Feldman

    I bought MANY copies of PLAY W/YOUR FOOD this Fall. A wonderful present for anyone. I can't remember the last time I bought a picture book for myself, but this book is irresistable -- there is a wittiness and sweetness that jumps off the table.

    This book has no redeeming value and is all the better for it.


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    1. re: Dave Feldman

      "I bought MANY copies of PLAY W/YOUR FOOD this Fall"

      now's your time to buy more...if it's at Costco, it's probably VERY marked down...

      1. re: Jim Leff
        Lisa Antinore

        $11.99 to be exact but there was only one copy or I would've bought Jim a copy....