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Dec 31, 1997 05:40 AM

sweet ramadan

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Nothing more joyous for a Jew like me to hit the
best Moslem restaurants in the evenings as the
Ramadan fast is broken. Casablanca in Bay Ridge
has rghaif, a bread sweetened with orange blossom
water, and the forbidding "Luncheonette" (which
Jim is squeamish about entering) offering
muhallabiya (rice flour pudding). The latter is
on Court Street between Atlantic and Pacific and
has the ambience of a social club, yet serves
Yemenite food which attests to their Indian
influence. A great chef has a deft hand with
spicing and they serve a sweet but perfectly
soothing cardamom infused tea.Good eating in 1998
(and on) to all!

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  1. yep...that's the only restaurant in the world that I'm afraid to go in for some reason! And, frankly, I haven't pushed myself because I find nearby Yemen Cafe (which used to be even more forbidding--though for some reason it didn't bother me--before they gussied it all up) absolutely stop Yemeni eating (176 Atlantic Avenue 718-834-953).

    As Allan says, Yemeni food tastes like half Middle Eastern, half Indian. Yemen and India were neighboring stops on the spice trading routes for centuries, and it's fascinating to eat at the point where the two regions morph together. Yemenites use plenty of ghee (Arabs use less, and mostly in sweets) and their enormous blistery bread is a dead ringer for Indian nan. Sweet aromatic spices are used, and curry--their's is a delicate, light-flavored version, less pungent than Indian curries...very reminiscent of those of Malaysian--are served with basmati rice

    ...and Casablanca (6744 5 Ave 718-491-0105) was one of my proudest discoveries (with a big assist from uberhound Barry Strugatz). It's painstakingly authentic Moroccan, and everything's cooked with love (don't order seafood bastilla, th 718-834-953).venue (astilla, th