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Dec 24, 1997 03:07 PM

Sensational Stolen at Storks

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What with both my grandparents suddenly passing away this Spring, this Christmas season hasn't felt that festive- we just kinda wanna get it over with kinda thing.. Among the zillions of things that will be sorely missed this holiday is my beloved Grandma Rose's Christmas Stolen- She would give an aluminum wrapped loaf to all of her friends and family and an extra-large one to us because my Dad adores the stuff. I can taste it and smell it perfectly- warm toasted slabs with sweet butter for breakfast Christmas morning and many of the mornings that followed it...

We didn't even try to replicate it this year. I knew my Dad really pined for it and when I was picking up some cakes for tommorrow's dessert at Storks, I noticed a basket filled with assorted sizes of Stolen. Why not? I thought.. It would be a nice surprise for Christmas breakfast...

Well, it was hard to resist its fragrance and as I write this I am nibbling on a fruit and almond studded piece. As much as I hate to say this, it is even BETTER than my Grandma's although I'd rather have the one made with her loving hands any day,,,.

It comes in three sizes for either $7, $14, or $21 dollars and it is EXCELLENT. As preposterous as the idea of spending $21 dollars for as large one is, think it over or you might have to make a second trip as I am about to do NOW.....

Happiness, Health, Peace and Love for 1998..

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  1. It has become a tradition in our house on Sunday
    mornings for my daughters ( 8 & 11 ) to wake me up at
    the crack of dawn and send me out to Storks for
    cinnamon jelly donuts. I can't resist their Onion Rye,
    and since I'm usually there pretty early, I am always
    told that they're too warm to be sliced. If you're a
    regular there you know what kind of characters those
    ladies are behind the counter. After much discussin'
    and cussin in german they give in and throw the rye
    into the slicer, give me a dirty look, and then piss &
    moan when I hand them a 20. " Wats a matta fit you,
    don't you heff anyting Smalla" I Love It, only in NY