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Dec 7, 1997 11:52 AM

Arab influences in Sicilian food (Lisa)

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In dialect, the zucchini is a 'cucuzza'. I just
remembered and checked that in Arabic (Egyptian that
is), the word for zucchini is kuusa (koo'oosa). Do you
know some other examples of unusual dialect words for
ingredients that can be traced?

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  1. h
    Howard Isaacs

    Well, the most obvious is cuscusu, also uscuso or
    muscuso (all cous-cous, of course).

    Howard M. Isaacs
    The Italian Traveler

    1. I have also heard that the eggplant is from middle
      eastern influance also...or I could be mistaken...but I
      am pretty sure I have heard this too.

      1. If this interests you I suggest you contact ARBA
        SICULA, an organization that seeks to preserve the
        Sicilian LANGUAGE (not dialect). You can contact them
        at :Prof. Cipolla, Italian Studies, St Johns
        University, Jamaica NY. They publish extensively on the
        Sicilain language, it's root in the many cultures that
        swept over S