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Dec 5, 1997 06:47 PM

Pastrami King Piggies

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Haven't had jury duty in a while so I haven't had any legitamate excuses to gorge myself at Pastrami King. Looking through Newsday tonight, I noticed an ad for a Tuesday night cash-only all-you-can-eat Buffet at the royal artery-clogging spot. I can't begin to imagine the damage that can be done.... Has anyone been there for it?

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  1. Why risk early pastrami death when nearby is a
    Central Asian artery clogger: Uzbekistan Tandoori
    Bread, off of Lefferts Blvd bu the Kew Gardens LIRR
    station? I had jury duty and got grossed out at the
    Pastrami King's take on a deli, the real ones being
    long gone and buried. Here is a group from Samarkand
    who brought over a clay oven from Bukhara, bound
    with camel fur, to make piping hot bread,
    millefoglia stuffed with lamb , fat and herbs, and
    the best lagman soup (lamb, veggies, herbs in a
    luscious light broth). I look forward to going back
    to jury duty just to eat there more often. Also,
    the turbane bakers behind the dining area look very

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    1. re: allan evans
      Lisa Antinore

      Allan, believe it ot not the delightful owners are relatives of some of my Uzbekistani ESL students.. There has been many a Monday morning when the bread was brought to me, wrapped in aluminum and insulated with towels then laid over a hot water bottle... Not as good as fresh from the oven but still a delectable treat!

      I love the Pastrami King's sandwiches!!! I think the quality of their meat is better than any of the other LES delis or any in Brooklyn... What's your complaint? (just curious...)

      1. re: Lisa Antinore

        Lisa, You seem to be connected with almost every good
        table imaginable! My 'beef' (were it pork, there
        would be no problem) with the entire deli culture is
        that it was always a sad compromise for home cooking,
        and also has considerably worsened over the decades.
        I was always shocked after feasting over
        Lithuanian-Jewish delicacies of soured stuffed
        cabbage sweetened only by carrots and onions to taste
        the obscenity masquerading as genuine in the deli
        culture. Now as the old recipes are near-extinct, as
        is the memory of such a taste, the ersatz deli
        product, like cults in the overwrought Jewish culture
        (klezmer, neo-orthodox, etc), are held up as
        representative. I dream that somewhere in Brooklyn is
        an elderly Roumanian who makes it right, curing it
        with a personal touch, not needing to set the flavor
        going by the putrid application of a mustard, cole
        slaw or whatnot. I wish also that instead of spending
        time on klezmer music, that its champions had saved a
        few recipes from the kitchens of deceased geniuses.
        Sorry for the long gripe but deli food has lost an
        edge that I was astounded with even at first bite, on
        Avenue J, Brooklyn, in 1963 when I first set foot in
        this city.
        Buon Appetito.