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Nov 26, 1997 03:40 PM

Moroccan in the outer boroughs?

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Has anyone tried any of the Moroccan restaurants in
Astoria? A few months ago, we noticed a few promising
places (whose names I have forgotten) while driving
down Steinway Street. Also, the latest Zagat's
mentions a place called Little Village which actually
sounds promising.

A few weeks ago, we went to Casablanca, near Bay Ridge
(I think the address is 6744 5th), also recommended by
Sietsema. Very Good!. Great Bisteeya and very nice
tajines, and a real Moroccan crowd. Can't wait to go

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  1. The places in Astoria are ok-not-great, though I've had REALLY great mint tea in one of them (argh...can't remember the's on the west side of steinway and has a glitzy juke box and lots of tacky "fancy" decorative touches).

    Casablanca (6744 5 Ave 491-0105) is killer (Robert got that one from me...I reviewed it for Brooklyn Bridge magazine), but avoid the seafood bastilla. It's by far the best place in the city...stick with that one!