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Nov 2, 1997 08:41 PM

Donovan's Bacon Cheeseburger

  • j

Took the wife and kids to Donovan's of Bayside last
night and I am glad to report that the 1/2 Lb. Bacon
Cheeseburger was up to snuff. Lots of bacon on what a
lot of people believe to be the best burger around. Add
a couple of pints of Bass Ale and we're talkin' nirvana
! They also have an outpost in Woodside where I
remember the Emerald Society practicing their bagpipes
between pints of Guiness on Sunday afternoons.

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  1. J.--though I love bacon cheeseburgers, I'd go without the bacon there, personally (cheese is fine). It distracts too much from the beefiness.

    And you CANNOT (repeat: CANNOT) do without the sauteed onions.

    the place in Sunnyside's just as good.


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    1. re: Jim Leff
      Lisa Antinore

      Hey, have either of you tried the fab burgers at Michael's on Broadway in Astoria? It's a few blocks down from Quinn's Funeral Parlour. ( I know, my directions stink) Michael's is the official destination after family wakes so as much as I like it, I don't like it enough for someone to have to die, although it sure is a very consoling thing to look forward to after all of the tear-shedding. The bacon cheeseburger is primo and the fries are pretty first-rate as well. If meeting celebrities is your thing, there's a good possibility you might spot a peripheral constellation ( I've yet to see anyone MAJOR) digging into a plate of center cut pork chops (also great, for when you're not in a hamburger mood..), as the restaurant is kind of close to SilverCup Studios... Check it out!!!

      1. re: Lisa Antinore
        Lisa Antinore

        Alright, so hang me by my toenails and force feed me processed, nitrate-filled foods all day long-

        My mistake!!!- Michaels is NOT near SilverCup but rather Astoria Studios.. OOOPS!!! Maybe that's why I've only been spotting the PERIPHERAL constellations....