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Oct 31, 1997 07:32 AM

ISO: Best Greek Restaurant in Astoria

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My family is Greek and mom is a terrific cook so I
can't take mom and pop to a mediocre restaurant. Which
would you say is the absolute best Greek restaurant in

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  1. My wife is greek and we travel from Whitestone to
    Astoria often. We all agree that for price and
    consistency Telly's Taverna is a nice spot to bring the
    family. Their grilled fish and meats ( I always order a
    dish of their greek sausage grilled well done ) are
    just as good or better than Elias Corner and their wait
    staff is so much more pleasant ! If you want something
    a little more fancy Karyatis on Broadway has nicer
    decor, more nouvelle dishes and of course a higher
    price tag. Start with Telly's and you probably won't
    want to go anywhere else. Yassou !!!

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    1. re: J.Knoesel
      robert sietsema

      Hey, I'm partial to Zenon, a nominally Cypriot joint at34-10 31st Ave. It's off-the-beaten path locale, pleasant dining room, and expansive menu are attractions. I think they've got the best Skordalia in town and the grilling abilities have never been called in to question. Go ahead, Jim, tear me apart!


      1. re: robert sietsema

        "Go ahead, Jim, tear me apart!"

        huh? Didn't realize I had that harsh a reputation!

        I don't love Zenon as much as you do, Robert...but all my favorite places (old Stimatis, Taygetos, Cyprus, etc) have gone out of business, and I've been sadly unable to find an exceptional substitute. Lots of good but interchangable places, but no standouts.

        I do NOT like Uncle George's (the La Caridad of Queens)

        1. re: Jim Leff

          You've never said anything about Telly's, Have you ever
          been there? Also, how about the Butcher/Steakhouse That
          is named Christos something or other.

          1. re: J.Knoesel

            Christos Hsapos Taverna is truly outstanding (and Transmedia)! Located at 4108 23rd Avenue in Astoria. As fotr the rest of the Greek joints in Astoria...they range from fair to good. I wasn't that impressed with my one visit to Zenon, nor with Stamatis. I've tried a new place, Esperides, on 30th Avenue (near Astoria Sixplex theater) -- was OK the first couple of times but the last two visits proved unsatisfactory.

            1. re: John Speer

              Yeah, I tried Esperides last year and found it pretty good (and very friendly) but just not worth the tab. Too bad.

              1. re: steve d.

                Here's a classic.. Someone mentioned Ploes on a post about Loukoumi last week. Made me think of one of my old favs, Taygetos.
                Hard to believe it's 14 years ago....

                45-07 Ditmars Blvd, Queens, NY 11105

    2. I'm a Zenon fan -- great value, great people. But I have to admit their food is a little low on flavor at times. Still it's better than most of the places in Astoria.

      I was impressed with a recent meal at Aegean Cove -- carefully made food; low on oil, high on flavor; good veggie options. In short -- totally decent, as opposed to the often horrendous options elsewhere. But the price tag....I'm just not sure decent food is worth $45/person.

      34-10 31st Ave, Queens, NY 11106

      Aegean Cove
      20-01 Steinway St, Queens, NY 11105

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      1. re: CitySpoonful

        Agnanti is my fav.. Although many are good.

        19-06 Ditmars Blvd, Queens, NY 11105

      2. Completely agree with the incomparable Mr. Sietsema: Zenon is pretty great. You definitely can't beat Zenon's mezedes offerings... 16 plates of appetizers for $20 per person. Amazing. And if you don't go for the mezedes, make sure you get an order of the halioumi (barbecued slabs of goat cheese).

        My other Astoria favorite is Opa Opa (variously listed as Tony's Souvlaki or Opa Souvlaki, depending on where you look) . The owner/hostess is warm and hilarious, and the food is great. I usually stick with the eggplant stuff (moussaka, melitzanosalata), but that's just me. The souvlaki variations are perfectly good, but great moussaka is tougher to find.

        Opa Opa isn't exactly fancy, though. The back patio is decorated with some odd stuff, including a yellow toy Tonka truck with a Greek flag in it, and murals of old Greek dudes holding skewers of meat. I love that kind of stuff, but I wouldn't schedule a business meeting there.

        34-10 31st Ave, Queens, NY 11106

        Opa Souvlaki
        28-44 31st St, Queens, NY 11102