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Oct 7, 1997 08:11 PM

Chowhounding on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx

  • j

We made one of our regular stops on Arthur Avenue en
route from Monroe NY to Washington DC. Since it was
Sunday, many shops and restaurants were closed--
including Full Moon Pizza and Cafe Margarita...two of
our favorite pizza stops.

However Mario's had just opened at noon so we went
there. The pizza at Mario's was even better than last
time--thin but substantial crust, tasty sauce in
moderate proportions, good cheese and spicing. It was
one of the best pizzas we have had in a while....We
also had a very substantial antipasto and a lovely
order of sauteed spinach with garlic. Definitely
worth a detour....but not too cheap and certainly not
too speedy.

We also stopped at Joe's Deli on 187th Street to stock
up on excellent parmigiano-reggiano, provolone, and
fresh mozzarella...It is not easy to find stuff of
this quality in DC for reasonable prices.

Jim Zurer - Washington DC

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