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Sep 25, 1997 09:06 AM

Greek Food in Astoria

  • j

I certainly agree that Elias Corner & Baba Georges have
seen better days. Lately my family and I have been
frequenting Telly's Taverna. Consistently decent food
and a surprisingly friendly wait staff.

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  1. One of the best Greek restaurants that my husband and I
    have discovered in Astoria--and we've tried many--is
    S'agapo. Seafood, in particular, is first rate.

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    1. re: Maria
      Ari Eisinger

      I looked up S'agapo and found:

      Sagapo Taverna Ouzeri
      3421 34th Ave
      Long Island City, NY 11106
      (718) 626-0303

      Is this the one you went to?

      1. re: Ari Eisinger

        Just had wonderful baby lamb chops at Christos; taramasalata was so-so, though. But service delightful. A great stop on the way back to DC (where we have nothing!)

    2. Re: TELLY's TAVERNA - there's nothing special about it
      - especially for the fact that every item is a la
      carte which makes it so overpriced. Have you tried
      TAVERNA OPA - TONY'S on 31st street between Newtown
      Ave and 30th. Ave in Astoria?? Try it!