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Sep 24, 1997 11:00 PM

Best Pizza in nyc

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Have declared myself a real Pizza Maven, and must say that in Queens, the best pizza is Nicks on Austin St. in Forest Hills. The crust is thin and crisp, the sauce tangy yet light, and the cheese is as fresh as can be..It's delicious!!

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  1. c
    Christine Bridges

    Nunzio's, on Hylan Boulevard in Staten Island, has for
    years served a magnificent pie. Great crust (on the
    thicker side, yeasty and chewy) and wonderful fresh
    tomato topping.

    Chris in St. James, Long Island (but I'd make a trip
    to get a taste!)

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    1. re: Christine Bridges
      Lisa Antinore

      Matese, a simple old world Pizzeria on Francis Lewis Blvd. in Flushing, Queens makes what I believe to be the Universe's BEST( and rest assured, this foodfreak has tasted them all from Lombardi's, Totonno's, Rizzo's, Patsy's and every little mom and pop place in Italy) Sicilian slice. Fresh from the oven, the plump rectangle's best feature is the light, airy, yeasty, crispy dough that has been topped with a tangy San Marzano tomato sauce and creamy, slightly browned mozzarella cheese. It is absolute perfection. If you actually do venture out to taste it walk down Francis Lewis Blvd. towards Northern to Daquila Sicilian bakery for the ultimate dessert to top it all off- sfogliatelle (you know, those flaky clam shell lookalikes). The sfogliatelle from Daquila is a sweet miralce and it will melt in your mouth. If they have the simple lemon-glazed cookies grab a few while you're there. You'll thank me for it.. Bon Appetito!

      1. re: Lisa Antinore

        You've got me salivating.

        Is Matese a by-the-slice place or a sitdown?

        Do they have neopolitan pizza, too, and if so, how is it?



        1. re: Dave Feldman
          Lisa Antinore

          Dave, it's as by-the-slice as they come!!! A couple of video arcade games in the front, some formica booths... You won't find any field green salad pizzas or any other sheeshy toppings. This is as neighborhood pizzeria as they come.! The Siclian straight from the oven (corner piece is my personal fave) is seriously to die for. I don't even bother with the Neopolitan. It looks pretty ordinary and tastes the same. If and when you go buy a couple of balls of dough. When you get home shape the dough into a rectangular pan. Sautee alot of onions cut into ribbons in olive oil until they become brown and carmelized. Put a handful of hot pepper flakes in and a couple of heaping tablespoons of fresh smooth tomato sauce for color. Add about a cup of hand pitted black kalamta olives and a can of anchovies broken up with a bit of the oil. Mix this strange concoction up and after about ten minutes on low heat add a pinch of saffron. Remove from heat. Let stand for a bit and drain off any copious amounts of liquid. Spread the mixture over the dough and sprinkle generously with a few handfuls of pecorino romano cheese (sicialians usually barf at the idea of a fish/cheese marriage but this is a rare exception) Bake the onion pizza and enjoy with a dandelion salad. Sicialian peasant cooking at its best and with dough better than anything one could make at home. I've been eating this for the 25 years of my short life and it is one of my favorite things... Give it a shot and let me know what you think...

          1. re: Lisa Antinore

            Thanks, Lisa. You are inspiring!

            I'm usually not a Sicilian slice person, but who can resist your passionate advocacy?


        2. re: Lisa Antinore

          Thanks for the tip...I've been looking for a new queens sicilian place (Rosa's, in Elmhurst, has gone horribly downhill. And I NEVER liked Rizzo's in Astoria).

          By the way, does Matese make sauce-over-the-cheese type Sicilian?

          The best sicilian I know is made at Umberto's in Long Island (NOT the umberto's on sunrise highway out east). They've got branches at 633 Jericho turnpike in new hyde park, in Hicksville on Newbridge Rd, and in Woodbury on Jericho Turnpike. You've gotta go. Basil not oregano, crusty crust, non-[ahem] monopoly cheese, real sauce. Gawd.

          The best sicilian ever, rest its soul, was Eddie's Pizza on 25A in Fort Salonga. Long gone, long lamented. Sob.

          1. re: Jim Leff
            Lisa Antinore

            Matese's is a cheese over sauce kinda place. But don't be put off, it's nothing like that pesky, albino slab floating atop the marinara at Rizzzos. Way better, papi chulo. The trick is ensuring that you get your slice from a fresh pie out of the oven. I have confidence that you can swing this, you seem pretty charming. If you have to wait around for a new pie (and you really should) don't even think about killing time by going into Mario's Bakery (it sucks in a MAJOR way) They'd make more money marketing the Sfogliatelle as scouring pads and the pignoli cookies as trivets. Instead play a video game at Matese and listen to the owners' (Pasquale (serious) and Tony) insane invectives. You'll be tempted to write a screenplay...

            1. re: Lisa Antinore

              "The trick is ensuring that you get your slice from a fresh pie out of the oven"

              Ah, but Lisa, this is what I call the Pillsbury Pop-n-Fresh dough syndrome.

              Every month or so, someone reports a deli with REALLY GREAT muffins. I go, and invariably find big gummy flavorless muffins made from standard generic mix everyone in town uses. I tell my informant, and they reply "...but Jim, you've got to get them when they're RIGHT OUTTA THE OVEN!"

              EVERYTHING is good "right out of the oven", even that Pillsbury cookie dough crap!

              1. re: Jim Leff
                Dave Feldman

                Your Pop-n-Fresh story reminds me of the wonderful Calvin Trillin story in American Fried about his pal who claimed that the best hamburger in the world was at the original Glendale, California Bob's Big Boy.

                Know the story?


                1. re: Dave Feldman

                  "Your Pop-n-Fresh story reminds me of the wonderful Calvin Trillin story in American Fried about his pal who claimed that the best hamburger in the world was at the original Glendale, California Bob's Big Boy.

                  Know the story?"

                  no, I have that book right here but have never gotten around to reading it. But that reminds me of my friend Brian, who once took me to a freakishly good Roy Rogers on the Jersey Shore. It was like the Platonic Form of Roy Rogers, everything tasted good! Very strange.

                  Also, the skinny kid who used to work the late shift at the Astoria White Castle had an innovative way of cooking the burgers...he overdid them intentionally and let them get crunchy. Great counterpart with the steamy fluffy buns. They got rid of him. The Roy Rogers is probably gone too. Can't upset the status quo...



                  1. re: Jim Leff
                    Dave Feldman

                    You can have MFK Fisher. As far as I'm concerned, "American Fried" is the best book about food ever written. I LOVE this book. In fact, it inspired me to drag some friends to a wonderful Calvin Trillin trip to Kansas City.

                    We had a pact. Zero sightseeing. We could only eat or drive to somewhere where we might eat. Or, on rare occasions, rest up from eating.

                    You know you are gorging when you START your day with a dozen doughnuts (the ethereal blueberry doughnuts at LaMars, a place that CT only mentions offhandedly in the book, and as it turns out, never had been to in person).

                    I gained 8 pounds in 3-1/2 days.

                    Read this book, Jim. Read this book.

                    The chapter in which Trillin follows Fats Goldberg around KC on a "typical" day is one of the great sustained pieces of humor writing I've ever read, and my favorite food piece ever.

                    1. re: Dave Feldman

                      "We had a pact. Zero sightseeing. We could only eat or drive to somewhere where we might eat. Or, on rare occasions, rest up from eating"

                      I'm getting that feeling I often get when people report extremes of chow-mindedness: "what, most people don't do that???"

                      "Read this book, Jim. Read this book"

                      I'll read, dave, I'll read!


                      1. re: Jim Leff

                        My best pizza is Hawaii!
                        It`s cheese, tomatosauce, ham and rings of pineapple.

                          1. re: EMILIO

                            Hawaiian pizza? With pineapple? Mamma mia, un vero
                            delitto di gastronomia! Vergogna!

                2. re: Jim Leff
                  Lisa Antinore

                  "EVERYTHING is good hot out of the oven- even that Pillsbury dough crap"

                  Honey Bunch, you obviously haven't tasted my Aunt's
                  croissants.... perfect proof that warmth does not cover up all mistakes...

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