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Jul 27, 1997 03:50 AM

Polish Food in Woodside?

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You did me well with Thai. But what have you done for me lately. Do you (or anyone else out there) have a recommendation for a great Polish place in Queens, preferably (but not necessarily) in Woodside? One of our diners is Polish and homecuisinesick.
A good bigos would be a big plus.



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  1. bigos, to my knowledge, is ukrainian, not polish
    (it's a saurkraut stew, for those reading along)

    I don't know anywhere in that part of queens for
    polish, sorry!

    There are a couple of places I'm checking out on 5th
    Ave in Park Slope, however...there are Polish and
    Slovak places galore near Eagle Provisions (one of
    NYC's best food/butcher shops). I think the cross
    street is like 19th street (give or take a few)


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    1. re: jim leff

      Bigos is Ukranian? Never knew that, as I've always seen it on Polish menus. My first experience with bigos was at the late, lamented Baltyk on Houston and 1st Ave.

      1. re: Dave Feldman

        "Bigos is Ukranian? Never knew that" I've been told. I could be wrong.

        Anybody out there know fer sure???


        1. re: jim leff
          Frank Language

          Dave sez: "Bigos is Ukranian? Never knew that"

          Jim replies: " I've been told. I could be
          wrong. Anybody out there know fer sure???"

          Well, I don't know for sure, but I've seen it described
          as "Polish Hunters stew" on menus (eveen if it's served
          in Ukrainian places; you know how they mix and match).


        2. re: Dave Feldman

          for what it's worth, I just looked it up, and you're right: bigos IS at least as Polish as Ukrainian. I was misinformed...

          1. re: Jim Leff
            Robert Korecki

            I can vouch for the fact that Bigos is Polish. Yes, it
            is sometimes called "Hunters' Stew." It is often
            prepared and eaten after a good day of hunting.


            1. re: Robert Korecki
              David Feldman

              Thanks for the support . But don't rest on your laurels! Where can you find good bigos in NYC? My favorite place to get it, Baltyk, has been closed for ten years.


        3. re: jim leff
          Howard Isaacs

          I imagine you're checking out Monica's here in
          beautiful Park Slope. While you're at it, take a gander
          at Jubilaat, a fantastic deli on the same side of 5th
          as Eagle, but a block closer to the expressway. They
          have amazing hams and make all their own terrines,
          pates, etc. Twice a week they get in an incredible
          dense rye, sold in great chunks. Best of all, prices
          are like Monica's--ridiculously low.


          1. re: Howard Isaacs

            Comrades, did you go to the Polish festival and
            partake of the delicious wares? It was a great
            day!Incidenlty, my friend, Casha, has been in Oz since
            April, looking for work. Any suggestions? (Having
            trouble with recieving mail so may not reply

          2. re: jim leff

            I am looking for a recipe for a tradition Polish dish called fasola. It has dried fruit in it. Can you help me?

            1. re: Bridgett

              I am looking for a recipe for fasola. It has dried fruits in it. Can you help me?

            2. re: jim leff

              bigos is a polish dish. try going to greenpoint.