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Jun 20, 2006 12:43 PM

Best gazpacho in the city

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Let's hear it...your favorite gazpacho around...especially around 57th and 8th. I'm obsessed with it for lunch (ps. I hate Whole Foods' bland version so that's out).

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    crepe suzette

    My personal favorite is Cafe Orlin...I love the way they put a big cucumber coil in the middle stuffed with avocado. And the soup itself is a creamy texture, which I prefer to a chunky texture.

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      LOVE the creamy variety at Cafe Orlin as well...the avocado is just icing on the cake. The Green Table (?) in Chelsea Market also makes a refreshing no frills gazpacho with simple, fresh flavors, not having to hide mediocre flavored vegetables with tons of garlic and spices

      1. re: sircynic28

        I absolutely love Cafe Orlin's gazpacho as well!! It's not for people looking for a chunky gazpacho. It's smooth and light with a little kick, elegant, and perfect with the cucumber and avocado in the middle.

        Unlike what some of the posters say below, I actually hate the gazpacho at Trader's Joe's. It's great if you like watered-down bruschetta, but gazpacho it is NOT.

    2. The gazpacho at Kitchen Market (21st and 8th Ave) is spectacular. Slightly chunky, but not just a salad in a bowl, and SPICY: incredibly garlicky, and with well-rounded flavors and heat. So good, so fresh, and really cheap - a 12 oz. take-out container with a warm flour tortilla is under 5 bucks. They also sell it by the quart.

      One of my favorite summer foods, done perfectly.

      1. I have two favorites in Chelsea, although I've never been to Kitchen Market (but I'll be there for sure before the week is out). I agree with the thumbs down to Whole Foods.

        First, Cafe Beyond, on 6th and 19th. Yes, it is in the Bed, Bath and Beyond store, but the food is really fresh and the gazpacho is delicious, with a nice spicy kick. They've had it sporadically in the past few weeks, but I'm sure there will be more as tomato season kicks in.

        Second, City Market Cafe on 5th between 22nd and 23rd. Not quite as good as Cafe Beyond, but worth it.

        1. i really like the gazpacho from the daisy may's bbq cart on wall street. nice quick, great flavor and it comes in a mason jar you can keep and a piece of crunchy bread to mop up the leftovers. they only serve it during the summer, obviously.

          1. I had a great gazpacho a few weeks ago at Cucina & Co. in Grand Central. I've been obsessed ever since.