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Jun 19, 2006 09:15 PM

Turkish Kitchen and Franchia- both very good

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I went to a shower at Franchia on Madison and 34th St. It is a Korean (vegan) restaurant. Very pretty and delightfully prepared and light food. Lovely room and service.

That night we had a very good (although it was quite warm out) dinner at Turkish Kitchen on Third Avenue. The food was beautifully presented, and very tasty. I only had vegetarian appetizers,as I had a a large lunch at Franchia, but the others had pleasant dinners.

They did not hurry us after I mentioned that their reputation was for poor and hurried service. This was not the case,and we had a leisurely dinner and finished, on our own timing, before the allotted 2 and a half hours. I enjoyed the evening as we also had a round table, something that is hard to find at most places, but extremely welcome when you have more than 4 people, we were 5.

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  1. I thought Franchia was at Park between 34th and 35th?? Well I moved downtown half a year ago. Perhaps my memory fails me. Glad you enjoyed.

    1. I have had the dumpling sampler at Franchia. It was terribly lackluster and bland. The dumplings were doughey and barely edible. I am interested in what you would recommend so that I have a better experience there the next time I give them a chance. Did you have their house tea by any chance?

      1. sorry, you are correct the address is 12 Park

        1. about turkish kitchen, what day of the week did you go?
          and were you hurried before you mentioned their reputation?


          1. yes, the dumplings at franchia are terrible, but some of the salads (the mango) and spicy noodle dishes are nice. I don't think anything there is that wonderful though (and this coming from a vegan who was predisposed to like franchia).