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Jun 19, 2006 05:35 PM

Whole Tres Leches Cake in Manhattan

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Anyone know of good ones available?


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  1. Tompkins Square Bakery, on East 10th between A and B, makes a great tres leches, but you have to order 48 hours in advance. They make it as a big layer cake, dusted with lots of coconut. I thought it was great! They used to make the cakes for La Palpala (sp?) but I'm not sure if they still do....

    Their number is 212-460-9878

    Link: http://www.starchefs.com

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    1. re: jordanbaker

      Thanks for the tip. I've decided to venture out and try to make one myself -- looks pretty simple. Famous last words!

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        I asked almost exactly the same question about a year ago, so you might want to do a search for the results. I ended up finding one in Queens.


        Link: http://nycnosh.com

        1. re: Nosher

          Thanks, Nosher. I'd say my own creation tasted good, but as far as appearance, any baker with more pride than me would have tossed it!