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Jun 19, 2006 12:24 PM


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Any reccs? Opinions?

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  1. When the Lenny's opened on 23rd I asked the same and got no response.

    He is what I think after a number of visits. Always get the sub. It is made on a soft roll that has enough bite to hold up to a full sandwich, and it is only a dollar more than the same sandwich on bread or a roll, but more than 2x the size - probably enough for two.

    The "thanksgiving on a bun" sandwich isn't very good. Nothing has a strong flavor.

    I like the roasted turkey/corned beef combo with coleslaw, swiss and russian dressing (H4, I think). Good flavor and healthier than your average corned beef sandwich by replacing some of the corned beef w/turkey.

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      C2 Hero

      Turkey, Genoa Salami, red onion, capers, provalone, oil and balsmic. Yummy.

    2. one time ordered in grilled chicken sandwich-blech. Over cooked and dry chicken. May try again. Different item though.

      1. inferior ingredients, barely passable food. better than subway.

        1. z

          I go there all the time for lunch. You can easily get a bad, dry sandwich there...

          I would definetely go for the specialty sandwiches. Even though they are expensive- they're really good, especially the grilled ones. My personal favorite is H4: Turkey, Corned Beef, Cole Slaw, Russian Dressing on Rye... and it's grilled.

          You can definetely get better, cheaper sandwiches in the city- but if there's a Lenny's near where you work, it's a good place to go for lunch. (There's a much longer post about Lenny's on my Midtown Lunch Blog)


          1. I think the Bacon egg and cheese on a roll from Lennys are great. Also, their delivery is FAST! Sometimes 15 minutes, tops.

            The sandwiches are okay.