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Jun 17, 2006 11:43 AM

Where can I find decent food after 2am in the east village?

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I work in a restaurant in the east village and we always get out around 130 and are normally wanting to grab some food. We normally grab a slice of pizza or an occasional stop at San Loco, but those options are starating to wear on us. Any suggestions where we can get some good food a little bit later on.

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  1. Stanton Social is open until 3 and is a great "grazing" choice (dumplings, tacos, kobe sliders, raw bar etc)....and much more chill after 1 am then the prime time chaos......I think Inoteca goes til 3 as well.....

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    1. re: AleKing

      Veselka is a decent spot -- ukranian food with some diner basics as well. Open 24 hours on 2nd Ave and 9th.

      Their stuffed cabbage is really good, a very hearty meal though at 2AM...

      1. re: Sugar

        i second veselka- I'm a big fan of their kielbasa although not that healthy in the after hours

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        Crif Dogs on St. Mark's near Avenue A for bacon-wrapped hot dogs, beer, RC Cola, tater tots, and other late-night staples. Go for the Spicy Redneck (house dog, bacon wrapped, with chili, cole slaw, and jalapenos). That's eating!

        They're open til 2am Tuesday - Thursday, and til 4am Friday and Saturday.

      3. I don't think much of Veselka. I realize people who like burgers tend to rate their burgers highly, but in terms of the food I eat (the Ukranian and non-burger diner food), I think it's often not much better than barely edible. Disclaimer: I came to that conclusion a couple of years ago, after repeated visits. So in the doubtful event that its quality has improved drastically since then, you can disregard my opinion.

        I'd suggest you see whether Chickpea is open late that day. They're open until 4 A.M. on Thursday and Friday and until 5 A.M. on Saturday; otherwise, they close at 1 A.M.:

        I recommend their shawarma or chickplant sandwich. The lentil soup is also good.

        1. Bereket is 24/7, I believe, and the food is great. The fried eggplant sandwich is one of my favorite $3 meals in the city. Does Houston & Allen (or whatever the next one east is) still count as East Village?

          Veselka used to make a killer bigos.

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          1. re: Peter Cherches

            Houston and Orchard. I gave up on Bereket a long time ago, when everything became too salty, but perhaps they've improved again. That would be a good thing, as I used to like their doner kebab.

            1. re: Pan

              Try the lentil soup at Bereket. That was my late-night snack when I lived on Orchard Street in the late 90's. I go back about once a month and still think it's great.

              I also agree with the above poster that the bigos (Polish Hunter's Stew) at Veselka is excellent; though definitely heavy for a late-night meal.

          2. Village Yokocho is open till 3am. Its good Japanese bar fare, located on the 2nd floor at
            Stuyvesant and 3rd Avenue (around the corner from Chickpea).

            1. sidewalk , around the clock , veselka,crif dog. they can all get it done late at night....