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Jun 16, 2006 04:21 PM

Tacos in NYC

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Opening up the forum again. So Cal expatriate seeking only the best...

Any borough, any price - what are the BEST tacos you have consumed in NYC?

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  1. Try Zaragoza, a grocery/taqueria on Avenue A between 13th and 14th Sts.

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    1. re: w/l

      i love zaragoza; that shop is the biggest thing that i miss since moving out of the neighborhood. the folks there are so lovely and warm. tamales (topped with shredded lettuce, cream, white cheese, and green salsa) are good.

      1. re: w/l

        Zaragoza has the best carnitas taco I've had in the city. If you are looking for pollo or pastor, there is no place better or cheaper than El Sol De Cholula in Bushwick. Their salsa verde is also untouchable.

      2. As a fellow CA expat, I'll tell you that you'll be hard pressed to find anything on par with CA street-cart tacos, in terms of quality and price.

        You can, however, find "other" types of tacos--the soft shell crab tacos at Chestnut in Brooklyn for example.

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        1. oh come on, forget that lets get right to the point here. given that sweeping statement i am doubting how many ny area tacos the op has consumed. i've eaten tacos all over the west coast, sw, texas, la frontera borderland and mexico and a place like TEIHUITZINGO for example is as good as anywhere. sweeping statements about something like tacos is a dubious remark to the extreme.

          1. re: mrnyc

            You haven't been to the right places in Texas then.

            1. re: zbs

              Or la frontera. Tehuitzingo is completely middling.

        2. So far, the best for me have been at Tehuitzingo or Tulcingo del Valle. Tulcingo's are more inconsistent, but did have excellent carnitas there once. Tehuitzingo has many good options and I prefer the taco stand like atmosphere.

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          1. re: Spencer

            I'll second this. We're eating tacos from Tehuitzingo tonight, as a matter of fact.



            1. re: Spencer

              Native So-Caler seconds Tehuitzingo. Wasn't as impressed with Tulcingo (tho it may have been an off day).

              1. re: Meg

                Yes, Tulcingo is inconsistent, but still the best carnitas tacos I ever had were there. My guess is that it was either a particular chef or because we ordered more the next time, they were rushed or had sat around. At any rate, the overall range and consistent deliciousness of Tehuitzingo is what we usually prefer.

                1. re: Spencer

                  Tulcingo is more a torta place. Another underappreciated place for tacos in that area is La Paloma on 45th off 9th. Not a lot of exotic choices, but the chorizo is quite tasty.

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. This is probably not the chowish answer you're looking for, but the tacos al pastor and baja fish tacos at Mercadito.