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Pylos, Snack or Ethos - Tonight?

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Looking for a casual, pleasant greek/med place where a fiend & I can enjoy an early dinner tonight.

Having never been to either Pylos, Snack or Ethos - Which would you suggest and why that one over the others?


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  1. How about Snack Taverna? I haven't been to Snack, but from my understanding, it is more of a small plates type place than Snack Taverna. ST is in a small, light, airy space that would be good on a night like tonight. Of course, the food at Ethos and Pylos is great too, so it's a tough call.

    1. Pylos is one of my favorite places... went last night, in fact. Unfortunately, didn't feel well after. Quality of food seems to be down, didn't taste as good either.

      1. never been to pylos, but snack is much more unpretentious than snack taverna... i'm not a fan of the latter. the food is good, too. snack is more modern, whereas ethos is more traditional but the food at ethos is delicious and the portions are huge.

        1. I really like Pylos. sorry to here previous poster didn't have a good meal. I would still recommend trying it.

          1. I have to give it a resounding...ok.

            The best part I'd have to say were the extremely attentive busboy who was always at the ready with a refill and never let our water glasses get too low.

            I did enjoy the starter pita and spread. My friend and i shared the 3 dips and thought they were very good. However, i was bummed that skordalia wasn't included in the assortment.

            i was tempted by the post about the duck, but chose the grilled dorade instead. My friend had the shrimp & scallops over noodles. Both looked lovely.

            Unfortunately the dorade didn't live up to the presentation. There was nothing really wrong but it wasn't memorable on any level. hence the ...ok.

            Aside from agreeing it looked pretty, i'm not totally sure what my friend thought about the scallops and shrrimp. She ate most of it but didn't really express any real reaction one way or the other.

            As we ate the place got packed. Sitting in the back room we sat in the middle of the side wall. That meant that in each corner on either side of us were people facing in on us and man their voices carried. The noise level was high enough to make us skip dessert.

            I appreciate all the tips. I'd always wanted to go to Pylos and I'm glad I did. I would probably return but I wouldn't go out of my way to do so.

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              You know . . . I have never ordered a main course at Pylos, always preferring to graze the small plates. I guess I will stay away from the whole fish in the future. If/when you do go back ask to sit up front at the communal table or sit at the bar and try sampling the smaller items, perhaps it will be a better experience (more tasty and less noisy!)

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                I was unimpressed by Pylos as well (and ate all small plates) the one time I tried it, but tons of people whose opinions usually match mine have told me they loved it. I sense it may be extremely uneven.

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                  Going back for dinner this coming friday.
                  Will report back.

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                    How was it? I've really enjoyed their pastitsio and lamb dishes. Pylos is basically a very good neighborhood restaurant that's also popular with folks who are coming to the East Village to dine out and hang out. I suppose it's been a couple or three months since I was last there, and I would be shocked and very disappointed if there's been a sudden downturn. Unless there's been a major shakeup in the kitchen, I doubt that. I've never had a less than good meal at Pylos, but it's possible to be disappointed anywhere. I think it's likely that I'll go back some time within the next few weeks, in which case, I'll try to remember to post about my experience.

              2. Snack or Snack Taverna. Skip Pylos, as the posts here show an "unevenness" and Ethos is Mediterranean with a Greek dish here and there thrown in.

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                  Hey, Gastronomos, Where did you get the idea that Ethos is "Mediterranean with a Greek dish here and there thrown in." Totally not true! It is definitely a Greek restaurant in a taverna-like setting. Excellent hot and cold mezzes; tasty lamb dishes, including moussaka, prepared and served in attractive clay pots; and expertly grilled whole fresh fish, which diners can select from the variety displayed on ice.

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                    Sorry. I may have made an error. My wording was short and not thorough. Grilled fish Tavernas are ubiquitous in New York and therefore Ethos fits the bill as "fairly traditional, Greek restaurant" as "americanafan" writes below.

                2. That's not really fair to Ethos, which is a charming, and fairly traditional, Greek restaurant.

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                    LOL. since my old thread popped back up i might as well chime in that i recently made my 1st trip to Ethos.

                    While it's definately a different vibe than Pylos, I have to say that I enjoyed my meal at Ethos waaaay more than the one I had at Pylos.

                    Had the mixed dips and the waitrees was kind enough to swap out the eggplant for the hummus that my friend preferred. They were good but i think enjoyed the Pylos's scordalia and warmed pita a smidge better.

                    However, the grilled fish (bass, iirc) at Ethos was far superior to the branzino i had at Pylos. After dinner we were comped with a nice piece of milk or custard filled pastry.

                    I enjoyed the friendly service, cozy, active (but not too loud) atmosphere at Ethos and loook forward to my next visit.