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great Malaysian!!

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Went with the g-friend to Skyway Malaysian rest. on 11 Allen St. in Chinatown. The food was really,really good. Got the mango chicken (which came in mango skin), and the Mee Siam with shrimp(kind of like pad thai. We pretty much licked the plates clean. Both meals were awesome. And the place was really cheap too. Go. Now.

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  1. yeah i went there about a year ago and had good stuff...the only downer, we went at around noon when it was mostly empty, but they had techno music *blasting* at a ridiculous volume like we were in a club...totally incongruous and a little bizarre...otherwise, pleasant and tasty (but not so memorable that we rushed back -- i'd try it again though)...

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      How is compared to the place in the hallway on Elizabeth? I generally like that place the best, but always looking for a new place

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        i know the hallway place, but i've never tried it!...but i must say, last time i walked by, the food looked tasty and the diners looked extremely happy...*adds it to his list*...

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          Skyway is pretty good across the board. Different places do different things better but overall, I like Skyway better than the place between the alley of Elizabeth and Bayard next to Yummy Yummy. That hallway place has the better hainan chicken rice out of Skyway and Jaya though (but I do love the Prawn Mee at Jaya).

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            any particular recommendations?

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              The place in the Chinatown Arcade is called Malaysia Restaurant. I like it. The place on the corner is called Yummy Noodles, not Yummy Yummy, btw.

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                The Malaysia Restaurant serves, I think, the best Hainan chicken in town. They used to serve an amazing list of duck blood dishes too.

          2. if I'm not mistaken, it used to be Sentosa in this spot, they had good hainanese chicken. I've been waiting for a trailblazing hound to give feedback before I check Skyway out, thanks!

            1. The restaurant that used to be there was Proton Saga. Sentosa was closer to Division St.

              Skyway is my favorite Malaysian restaurant in Manhattan. I did not like Restaurant Malaysia in the Chinatown Arcade on my one visit there.

              I've gone to Skyway by myself more often than with friends, but I can't remember having had anything I didn't like, except that the Rojak was a little weird. The Roti Telur is terrific and reminds me of the old school thick roti canai I used to get from an Indian with a griddle outside the Pasar Chow Kit in Kuala Lumpur in 1975. The Pasembur is really tasty, but be warned that it is really a main dish portion, despite being on the appetizer part of the menu. They also make very nice Satay with good sauce.

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                Ah, you're right regarding Proton Saga instead of Sentosa, speaking of which, does Skyway have a stingray dish?

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                  The menu lists one, wrapped in lotus leaf.

              2. Last year I noticed a few inconspicuous Malayan Chinese places on Canal just east of Allen. Some had signs only in Chinese but I recognized the "ma" of Malaysia because it's the character for horse. I've never tried them and I dont know anyone who has.

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                  I ate several times at Oversea Asian Restaurant. It was fine for some things but weird for others, and when a table next to me ordered a whole fish dish, it smelled really too old (and the smell wasn't belacan). I've also been to the other one on the corner of Essex and wasn't too impressed, though it's been a while. But anyway, Skyway is better.

                2. Happy Joy on the corner of Canal and essex is pretty good.

                  1. Jaya remains my favorite Malaysian in the entire metro area thus far. (My only comparison admittedly is Penang in Queens- it used to be my favorite until they eliminated their rojak from their menu) Jaya makes an amazing Assam Laksa. I find it funny and slightly insulting that every time I order it the waitress asks if I have ever had it before- if I misprounounce "malaysian" and look very apprehensive like chicken terriyaki might be a scary adventure (I have known people who feel that way) then I could understand it! :}

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                      Jaya is awesome. There is no overwhelming corn syrup in sight. Everything I've had there has been fantastic: mee siam noodles, roti chanai, hainese chicken, salt and pepper squid, etc.

                    2. we had dinner at skyway last night and really, really enjoyed it. what we had:

                      roti canai
                      baby oyster omelette
                      curry mee with young tau foo

                      we were a bit hampered by the fact that my friend is allergic to shrimp and thus a lot of dishes were off-limits. still, we did pretty well. roti canai was very tasty, but i'm not very discerning when it comes to this dish - it always tastes good to me. the achat (pickled veg) was maybe a bit too sweet, but the omelette was staggeringly delicious as was the curry mee broth. i wanted to try the asam laksa but wasn't sure if my friend would like the flavor, so that's for next time when i go with someone a bit more familiar with the cuisine. service was wonderful, as well. and my house is within delivery range! i'm very excited about this place.

                      1. ps - total including tax was just above $22, and it was a huge amount of food.

                        1. I would never go to a Malaysian restaurant if I were allergic to shrimp, because belacan (shrimp paste) and little dried shrimps are very prevalent in Malaysian food, but I'm glad you and your friend had a good meal and no-one ended up in the hospital, God forbid.

                          Where is Jaya?

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                            Jaya is in Baxter near Canal... but I've always gotten a bad vibe from the waitresses there.

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                              Oh yeah, I remember the place. I haven't been there for a few years, but did try it a few times. My general impression at the time was that the food was pretty authentic but not that special, and that a lot of the draw of the restaurant (to those who care about such things, not really me) was the decor and ambiance. The place was very busy and popular with dates and groups of friends from Chinatown, some of them actually Chinese Malaysians and Singaporeans. Is all of that still accurate?

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                                We thought Jaya was acceptable but there was nothing to draw me back - it is a busy, Friday night date place kind of restaurant. All these places - Nyonya, Malaysia, Jaya, are full of a young crowd from the region - of them, I like Nyonya best.

                          2. luckily my friend's allergy isn't one that manifests in life-threatening symptoms. if it were, i wouldn't have let him set foot in the place!

                            1. I just want to let you all know that I was one of a party of four at Skyway tonight and had by far the best meal I've had there and possibly the best Malaysian meal I've ever had in New York, and the restaurant has risen in my estimation such that I think at least some of their dishes might well be considered good and not merely so-so if the restaurant were in Malaysia.

                              We ordered:

                              Beef and chicken satay (good for Malaysia, excellent for New York, with a good smokiness and a tasty peanut sauce)

                              Roti Telur (good as usual)

                              Kangkung Belacan (very nicely done)

                              Squid with Special Sauce (really great, with a fragrant sauce that included belacan [shrimp paste] and various spices)

                              Nasi lemak (fine rendition, really tasty)

                              Big crabs with Aromatic Sauce (great)

                              I don't think I forgot any of the food.

                              The amount of food was right for four people with hearty appetites.

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                                Thanks for the excellent review, Pan, looks like the squid in special sauce is not to be missed :)

                                For beef satay my favorite has been New Indonesia in Doyers and while I've been to Malaysia restaurant in the arcade, I haven't really had anything remarkable there... kinda like Nyonya, lol.

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                                  Is New Indonesia (I thought it was called "Malaysia-Indonesia" or something - the place downstairs on Doyers just off Pell) an inconsistent place that is nevertheless good for some things? I ate there a few months ago and posted something on eGullet that I can't find, but it was a lackluster experience. I had an asam dish, I think.

                              2. I personally LOVE the Curry Beef Brisket at Malaysia Restaurant (the place in the alley). It's thick, rich and very flavourful. A warning to the health conscious -- it's also very fatty, but I love the taste. If you prefer something leaner, Singapore Cafe on Mott just off of Canal has a much leaner Beef Rendang. They also serve a tasty Bah Kut Teh, the herbal soup/stew.

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                                  Yeah, I like their Bah Kut Teh. Penang on Elizabeth also has a good one.
                                  Malaysia Restaurant also makes a great appetizer of fried anchovies and belacan, but I don't know what it's called.