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Jun 14, 2006 04:52 PM

where do you eat outside on teh upper west side?

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looking for really pleasant places. can be known or underknown

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  1. cuisine and/or price preferences? not knowing, i'll throw one out there..nice matin - 79th/amsterdam

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    1. re: harrison

      no cuisine or price prefs

      1. re: rebecca

        Saigon Grill does not have outdoor seating either. Try the new Gabriellas @columbus and 92nd.

    2. Maybe look into Compass or Telepan?

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      1. re: Bonnie

        I don't know about Telepan, but Compass does not have outside seating.

        1. re: RGR

          Neither does Telepan

      2. Here's a sample:

        Swagat - Indian, Amsterdam and 79
        Monsoon or Saigon Grill - Vietnamese, Amsterdam and 90 or so
        Turkuaz - Turkish, B'way and 100
        Cafe con Leche - Dominican, Amsterdam and 96
        Symposium - Greek, 113th between B'way and Amst.
        Max Cafe - Italian, Amst. and 120th or so
        Cafe Fresh - American/vegetarian, Amst. and 120th
        Big Nick's - Diner, B'way and 77th

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        1. re: piccola

          Just a few more...

          Citrus 75th and Amsterdam
          Pizzabolla 93 and Amsterdam **
          Isabella's 77th and Columbus
          Henry's 105 and B'way **
          Time Cafe (?) 85th and B'way

          **faves of my hubby and me...

          So many more up and down B'way, Ansterdam and is hard to put them all down...

        2. I like Ocean Grill's outdoor seating. Get a Chateau raw bar platter and glass of champagne on a Sunday afternoon and you're in heaven :)

          1. Pasticci on La Salle (equals to 123rd for 124th) between B'Way and Claremont.