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Mar 27, 2003 06:30 PM

Italian Bakeries & Sfogiatelle

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HELP ME!!! I've been here for almost three years and
still have not found them... Sfogiatelle's. If your from NY/NJ and have Italian parents, you know what I'm taking about. Once I find these, I'm certain I'd find other goodies there too. If you know of a hidden treasure please let me know.

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  1. the ultimate Neapolitan pastry IMO. Hard to find around here. I have seen them once in a while at Victoria Pastry shop in N. Beach, but they weren't all that good. Most Italian immigrants to S.F. came from Liguria so we have excellent foccaccie and other ligurian specialties, but are lacking in Neapolitan foods, which also explains why the pizza is generally bad around here.

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    1. re: vlibin

      Available at Cafe Siena, Los Gatos.

      1. re: Ken Hoffman

        Thanks! I'll go and sample. These are always
        best just after cooling off a bit after baking. So, I will hit them early.

        1. re: Moe

          I'm from New York originally-and we would go at any hour to Veneiro's and get the sfogliatelle warm...the crunchy thousand layers and creamy ricotta filling!!! One of my absolute favorites!
          Please let us know if they also make real Italian ricotta cheesecake! Something else I haven't found locally..
          thanks for the memory!!!

          1. re: derek
            Nathan Landau

            When we first moved out here, I asked for a sfogiatella and was told That's a New York thing, we don't have those here. Some years later, I ran across some in North Beach, but I don't know where I got them or if the place is even still around. But this thread sure brings back the craving!

            1. re: Nathan Landau

              There's a bakery in SF on the west side of Columbus, just south of Union St. (ie., North Beach area), that used to carry them. I can't remember the name, unfortunately. AND, the last I checked, their machine had broken and they were taking their sweet time getting it fixed. They were the only place in SF that I've ever seen them for sale, though I've never done an exhaustive search.

              1. re: Gourmaise

                At one time they were available at Stella, last time I had them was a few years ago...decent, esp. when fresh. Worth a look...

    2. Here's a report on the sfogiatelle at Mara's bakery on Columbus, from last year's Limsterfest North Beach crawl:

      "But of course you can't get the flavor of North Beach in just one restaurant, so we strolled down Columbus to Mara's Bakery, where we shared a variety of goodies. My favorites were the chewy pine-nut topped almond macaroons; we also tried another version of cannoli (good filling but shell deemed not as good as Stella), a mini-croquembuche filled with rum cream (some felt the rum was a little overpowering), florentines (good, but not as good as the ones at TJ's or Costco), and sfogiliatelle -- a puff-pastry-like dough folded around lemon cream (most of us thought the pastry was a bit dry, but Limster said it was lighter, more like French pastry than a version he recently had in Boston)."

      1. They used to have good ones at Stella and perhaps do again but the last time I drove across the Bay Bridge just to get that crisp-tough many-layer oil-pastry & not-too sweet ricotta filling it had CANNED CHERRIES in it! EWWWW! I think the old gentleman who used to own it retired (hope not died) and his replacements wanted to make it more tasty (ie less authentic) for Californians.

        I won't drive back for them again.