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Jun 13, 2006 08:19 PM

my new hamburger ranking

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1.corner bistro
2.j.g melon (just tried for the first time yesterday!)
3.burger joint (at le meridien)
5.donovan's (Woodside Queens)
6.bobcat bite (Santa Fe New Mexico)
7.louis' lunch (New Haven CT)
9. rare (bleecker street)
10.paul's (2nd avenue)
11.p.j. clarke's.
Shake Shack and Blue 9 don't even make the cut! Comments?

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  1. You haven't tried one at Coals I bet.

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    1. re: Bronx Bill

      Won't even walk into Coals anymore. The pizza is now soggy, the meat tastes old & the service was awful. When told that the soup was cold, the waitress begrudgingly took it back & then almost "dropped" on the table in a huff. Faghetaboutit!!

      1. re: Fred

        I've never had any problems there. What meat tasted old, the burger? Give them another chance.

    2. nice to see pj clarkes get a little dap. the old place is pretty cool.

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      1. re: steve h.

        I give the worst burger rating in Manhattan to this place. I love the old time look and feel, but man was the burger not only overcooked, but clearly, a sign of meat that is not as fresh as it should be (i.e. ground fresh that very morning, every day for service) is when you really can't get a pink center no matter how quickly it is cooked. And that was on the second round, having sent back the first effort!

      2. I think Burger Joint crushes Corner Bistro, but not a bad list.

        1. No Luger Burger?


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          1. re: CTownFeedR

            Blair Perrone has a great burger. Little expensive, but well worth it.

            1. re: BB

              How is Blaire Perrone overall?

              1. re: Fred

                Blair Perrone closed a cpl months back. the space was simply toooooo big. What could survive there. Ruth's Chris couldn't even survive there.

          2. You should put a HUGE caveat on the Corner Bistro burger. If you get a freshly made one its fantastic. If you get a pre-broiled and then reheated burger it is terrible. I think the inconsistency is enough to knock it down a few spaces.

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            1. re: ES

              Again you are absolutely right. But when its hot and fresh off the grill it is delicious. so I order in the bar and have them make it medium rare to rare. Then I know its fresh. I had one and ordered it medium and it was a re-heat job. Lucky my friend told me to go back and get it medium rare and fresh.