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Jun 12, 2006 02:44 PM

knock my socks off for under $3

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i need something new and exciting in my life. help me find it for under $3. it can be sweet, sour, hot or cold. i don't care as long as it's good.

somethings i'd spend my $3 on:
- "cheurng fun" at south wind
- roast pork bun at new chatham
- black sesame ice cream at chinatown ice cream factory

but i'd like to save my $3 for something i haven't tried. please help.

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  1. Saigon Banh Mi on Mott St. Best sandwich I've ever had, but I think it's $3.25.

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    1. re: ko

      agree with pushing your price range, if the saigon banh mi sandwich is $3.25--this is my single favorite food item in all of manhattan. call in advance.

      if you skip that, the sesame pancake with pickled vegetables (skip the beef) at the dumpling house on eldridge captures some of the flavors, but still is no saigon banh mi sandwich

      i think that the sesame gelato at laboratorio di gelato in the lower east side beats the chinatown ice cream place. it has more intense sesame taste (though less crunch).

      1. re: ko

        Would someone describe this delicacy in detail?

          1. re: melon

            A good definition. Saion Banh Mi features the barbecued pork variety. Go!

      2. s

        You've probably tried these already but at Southwind i'd get the dumplings or stuffed tofu blocks instead of that noodle rollup thing and at Chatham I'd get the fried dumplings or the fried taro ball with the crispy outside instead of the roast pork bun.

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        1. re: SomeRandomIdiot

          i find southwind's dumplings oddly sweet. my grandma made the best fried dumplings. if only i got the recipe before she passed. i'd make millions selling it on a street corner.

        2. Don't know if you're restricting yourself to Chinatown, but if not, tacos al pastor (and others) at the taco truck on 96th and Broadway are $2 each. Maybe not worth traveling far for, but a great snack if you're in the neighborhood.

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          1. re: Sarah K

            One might also select a dog and a papaya shake at one of the many locations throughout the city.

            1. re: Keith

              2 hot dogs and a drink at Grey's Papaya
              The Recession Special for $2.50.
              Better than chocolate, ice cream or sex.

              1. re: dianatheprincess

                Yikes, I hope your significant other doesn't read this board :-)

          2. Yakimochi at Cafe Zaiya ($1.50)
            Walnut cakes at Koryodang ($2)
            Banana cakes at Koryodang ($2)
            Blueberry butter cake at Casa Cupcake ($2-3)



            1. You are over-spending.

              Sunshine Cafe on Allen, just below Houston, offers all kinds of savory and sweet Chinese buns and pastries, the average price around 75 cents. Especially recommended: the chicken pies, hot dog and scallion bun, dried pork roll.

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              1. re: Wilfrid

                Also try any of the Fay Da locations (also a Chinese bakery), especially the egg custard tarts and fried sesame balls (they're balls of fried dough, filled with a lotus seed paste, rolled in sesame seeds)