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Jun 9, 2006 02:41 PM

Fried Pickles

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I've never had them, but my boyfriend talks about how great they are from the Blind Pig (I think) in Athens, GA all the time. For his birthday, I was thinking about finding them for him-- does anyone have any suggestions? I've heard Henry Street Ale House in Brooklyn, but any Manhattan locations?

I'm still dealing with the idea of them as well-- sorry for bringing it on to the board!

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  1. Here's a thread from a few months ago.


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    1. re: Lucia

      I would like you all to know that Rare is no longer serving them. Terrible! I went tonight to have some and a beer at the bar, oh I am so sadddd. First I stopped by the place on 6th street (Somebody's Homemade) which was not a good bar for sitting with fried things and beer. the search continues... if anyone ever goes to Raleigh the Raleigh Times has the best version I've ever had.

    2. Uovo, on Avenue B and 11th Street, has wonderful fried pickles.

      1. The Hog Pit in the Meatpacking District has awesome fried pickles!

        1. Brother Jimmy's BBQ in the 90's on 3rd has them... probably their other locations too.