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Battery Park City/ Financial District recommendations

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Recently moved to an apartment in the WTC/Financial District/Battery Park City area. Anyone have any recommendations for everyday dining...pizza, chinese, deli? It seems that no one has anything too nice to say about any of the eating establishments in this area. Will I be stuck (God forbid) cooking?


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  1. I'll reiterate past recommendations:
    a. best Chinese = Liberty View, in Cove Club building on South End Ave. Next = Lili's, next to the Regal movie theater.
    b. IMHO, PJ Clarke's in the WFC is no better (and more pricey) than Foxhounds (across from Picasso Pizza in BPC). True, Foxhounds is closed on weekends (!) and doesn't have raw bar like PJ's (or those goofy urinals).
    c. everyone loves the Stone Street options (across from the Staten Island Ferry terminal): Adrienne's Pizza bar, the Swedish joint, Ulysses, etc.
    d. deli? Hmm, Samantha's on South End has some decent cold cuts and prepared foods. Pick-a-Bagel (I think that's the name), also next to the Regal, is your option for smoked salmon, a shmear, etc.
    Welcome to the nabe! Enjoy the construction ;) !

    1. Alfanoose on Maiden Lane for amazing Syrian/Lebanese food, cooked with love. Great falafel but so, so much more, including flatbreads and pastries baked in-house.

      Ate lunch there yesterday: the grilled lamb shish kabobs were succulent; the hummous and baba ganoush were in top form. Don't go there if you're in a mad hurry, unless you just want a salad plate, because they cook everything to order.

      8 Maiden Lane, between Broadway & Nassau Sts
      New York, NY 10038

      1. Zigolinis on Pearl Street has good deli options and you can get a half sandwich. Like almost every other eating establishment, they also have a salad bar. And they have pastas. It's generally a better deal than most of its competitors around

        1. Welcome to the hood. Some additions to what is listed below:

          Liberato's on Cedar has great pizza/sandwiches and salads.
          Sushi a la Kawa for quick and decent sushi.
          Au Mandarin--excellent chinese, and speedy delivery.

          Also...seamlessweb.com is a good resource to see what is actually opened. Some restaurants also offer discounts on delivery.

          1. I'm a big fan of Radio Mexico. They have really good California style burritos. Go look at their menu on menupages:

            1. has anyone mentioned financier yet? that place is quite delicious, especially their french pastries and cakes. they have your ususal sandwiches, soups and salads but a lot better than most delis.

              1. Really like Dominic (Greenwich betw. Harrison and Jay)for lunch -- a good bargain. Likewise the Bridge Cafe (279 Water) has a good lunch, and a killer soft-shell crab sandwich. Finally, there's a diner on the corner of Greenwich and Warren that has got to be one of the best in the city.

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                  Just wanted to chime in to thank Trucster for that diner recommendation. On the strength of that one sentence, today I took a walk up there and had my official diner treat (and test) of 2 eggs over easy, corned beef hash and white toast with coffee.

                  my. toast. was. perfect.

                  Everything else was delicious, the service at the counter was attentive but not pushy, the coffee was lovely. But, as we all know, it's the toast that can make or break a diner breakfast (at any hour).

                  It's called the Gee Whiz Diner and I strongly encourage anyone who'd like a really satisfying, even small-town, diner experience to go there.

                  In conclusion, I want to make sure I put in all the keywords I can think of that would bring someone to this posting. I'm pretty passionate about good diners; please forgive me.

                  financial district, wall st, lower manhattan, city hall park, washington market park, world financial center, mercantile exchange.

                  Phew. Okay, I'll shut up now.