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Jun 8, 2006 04:01 PM

Ivo and Lulu with a group?

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I'm planning on dropping by Ivo & Lulu tonight for dinner--with a group that will hover around or exceed 6. They don't take resys, so this question is to anyone who's been--am I doomed or they will be able to accommodate? The space sounds tiny... any recommendations for nearby spots in case the wait is too much?

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  1. if you go early it shouldn't be a problem. but to tell you the truth I was a little disappointed. mabybe if I'd heard that it was terrible before I went it wouldn't have been as bad... but the food was a little greasy and a little too clearly "prepped" if I can describe it as such.

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      I agree that Ivo and Lulu was a disappointment. Food was very greasy, and the night I was there half of the items offered were smoked and heavy. I was a little skeeved out. I will not be going back there. I would rather pay a bit more and have a delicious meal.

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        I totally agree. We went (group of 4) a few weeks ago. The food wasn't very good and the restaurant was like a sauna. I wouldn't go back either.

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          Alas, i have to agree...the first 3 or so times i went there (about a year ago) i was charmed by the byob and cheap bistro fare...but i went there recently and found it a little lame: greasy food and deafeningly loud music...i wanted to like it, and i might wander there again on a very random night, but i'm unlikely to go back otherwise...

      2. I was there a few weeks ago and saw a party of 6 dining together. Their table looked incredibly cramped, but it's do-able.

        1. I havent been in a long time but I dont think a grp bigger than 4 would really be comfortable there.

          I used to really like the place, pity to hear its maybe gone downhill.

          1. Maybe this will explain the recent let-downs.... I went to Ivo & Lulu a month ago with a couple friends to see what all the hoopla was about and who this "Sebastian" fellow was that all the reviews on Menupages and my friends had talked about. The place was cute, candle-lit, tiny, and one guy was taking good care of us. I asked him if he was Sebastian and he explained that no, he wasn't... that Sebastian & Co had left. It was this new guy and his wife was in the kitchen. He said Sebastian had taught him everything they know and now it is all in their hands. Aye... too bad.