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Jun 2, 2006 02:43 PM

Any good pizza in/near Washington Heights?

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A friend of mine who lives on 181st St. insists that there's no good pizza in Washington Heights. At least none that delivers. As a result, I often suffer through Dominos when we stay uptown. This is a disgrace, an insult to mother New York and father Lombardi.


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  1. On 211st there's Grandpa's Brick Oven pizza. The plain slice is pretty good. the personal pizza for $7 is the best buy. Avoid toppings though, they don't cook the vegetables.

    212 304-1185

    1. go to george's pizza on the south side of w. 181st st btwn fort washington ave and broadway. it doesn't look like anything special, but surprisingly, it's a pretty decent slice--the crust is nice and crispy and the sauce and cheese actually have decent flavor.

      i had been very skeptical of this place even after the guy from the village voice gave it his stamp of approval a couple of years back, but finally tried it recently while i was stranded up near the uptown port authority bus terminal...i'm not claiming it's one of the top pizzas in nyc by any means, but it's a lot better than you'd expect for the area. and if it were located in midtown or downtown, i have no doubt that it would be very popular and written up in all the fancy schmancy nyc guidebooks.

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        Thanks, surly! You saved my stomach. Finally ordered from George's.

        Though good, I got a slightly different result from my delivery. It must be the same with George's as with many other spots: the slices actually benefit from reheating, making the crust properly crisp. Our delivery pie's crust was woefully undercooked. Almost Domino's-like. Besides that, it was quite good, though I'm not sure anyone would write about it in guidebooks no matter what the location. The pies had lots of gooey cheese, and a slightly chunky, piquant tomato sauce.

        My friends raved.

        George's Pizza

        726 W 181st St
        New York, NY 10033
        Phone: 212-568-6891

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          I used to live there and for me the best pizza place in the area -by far- is called Bari, it's an argentinian place on broadway and 233. You just have to take the #1 train up to 231. They also deliver but I don't know their limit area. Over there you also have La Tia Restaurant (right behind the 231station), the best dominican in the area (way better than El Malecon and better than El economico, the owner/cook worked in El economico for about 25 years and opened this tiny place about 8 months ago).

      2. Had a terrible experience with a pizza delivered from Haven Pizza, near the A on 207. My friends and I agreed it was the worst pizza we'd ever tasted, and threw out most of it. The place on 187th near Fort Washington Ave serves a decent slice, though.

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          I haven't tried Haven Pizza, but made the mistake, a few days after moving here, of ordering from La Famiglia on Broadway in the 170s. If you're nostalgic for junior high school cafeteria food, this is the place for you.

        2. Haven't had anything great but Pizza Nova is what I get. Occasionally it's exceptional, like the time they had real roasted garlic. Always order it well done. They have specials which also make it cheaper, if you like plainer pies.