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Jun 2, 2006 11:28 AM

El Quijote

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Someone recommended El Quijote in the Chelsea Hotel for latin/Spanish food. Any views on this place ? Any better options?

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  1. Awful. Flavorless. A fine example of New York's mediocre Spanish restaurants...

    1. Haven't beent there, but have not heard good things. Instead i would recommend Francisco's Central Vasco (23rd b/ween 6th an 7th) for spanish food and excellent lobster or if you want to go the more tapas route, Tia Pol (b/ween 22nd and 23rd and 10th ave) or La National 14th (b/ween 6th and 7th).

      1. Food is decent, but very salty. The dining room(s) get very loud and you can't hear the company you're with. Must be an acoustics thing. And there's usually a wait. By that I mean a line out the door. There's better options out there. Other hounds will chime in.

        1. been here a few times with large groups. i agree that the food is bland. menu shows endless sauces and different ways to prepare lobster, but everything i tried all looks and tastes the same (some type of green garlic sauce without much flavor). i would not go on my own. however, can still be fun for large parties where food is not the main focus.

          1. hey I love this place, I know many hounds don't, and I don't understand why, maybe what they order, maybe the kitsch atmosphere is not for them. I have gone with groups both big and small and never have had a bad time, although with big groups 16-20 people, there have been order screw ups. I don't see how anyone can recommend Fransico Vasco over this place, it's much worse.

            oh well it's all in the palate I guess, I find many hounds do not like the places that I do. Yet El Quijote has been in the same place for something like 40 years so they must be getting something right

            This place is very old school, it's not a tapas place, it's not modern nor does it pretend to be and it is very likely your parents or grandparents hang out (I was introduced to this place by my granduncle) from days gone by.

            All that said, the sangria is very good, and the lobster order should be "the daily double" broiled or steamed. get anything that ends in "el quijote" and you won't go wrong. The combos (various surf 'n turf items are a deal) The white bean soup, while salty is very good.

            ~ Jerry