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May 31, 2006 03:01 PM

The Capital Grille

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Any reviews of the Capital Grille?

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  1. Have not been to the one in NY, but have been in Philly, Minneapolis and I think one other city. (work and not my choice on any)

    The one in Philly is the best I have been too, but I figure that is just luck.

    Decent food, but nothing great.

    In NY I feel you have much better options.

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    1. re: ChrisZ

      The balsamic rubbed steak was to die for. I have to go back for it again.

    2. here is a repost of my review from a few weeks back
      While I have not been to this particular outpost of Capital Grille chain , I have been to the one on Newbury Street in Boston. If your experience is similar to mine, this will not bode well for you. I started with the garden salad with the Parmesan peppercorn dressing, a mistake as it barely rises above the level of a good diner. Being a follower of steak tartar, I found their version of the classic marred by the inclusion of hard boiled egg; which was not only unwelcome but also sulfurous and overcooked. Finally, we come to the raison dÂ’etre of the place, the steak. I had the 24oz porterhouse, and while it was cooked to the correct temperature, medium rare; it lacked the appropriate sear. Worse though, was the quality of the meat, it lacked a good beefy flavor and instead had an oddly sweet soy sauce like taste. As for side dishes, we had gratin potatoes, which were good, but unremarkable. In a city with so many good steakhouses, it would be a shame to waste a meal at this unremarkable chain resaurant, especially with new and interesting local offerings opening hourly, as it seems. If you are looking for a more classic steakhouse vibe I would go with Keens. If you are more adventurous Craftsteak or Quality Meats. If you or members of your party are committed to capital grille, good luck.

      1. I've not been in NY, but in DC and Miami, if I had to go to a steak house, I generally preferred to go there.

        1. It's not a Chowhound favorite, as is no chain. I went there a few months ago and had a great dining experience. The quality of the meat is excellent, side dishes very good, desserts perhaps less than memorable. We also enjoyed friendly and very professional service. It's one of the few Manhattan restaurants (with the exception of the very top tier), where you'll have a large table and some space to yourselves. However, it does get busy and is pretty lively and noisy when full.

          Prices are very standard for NY steakhouse dinners.

          Another plus is its setting - I think it's called the Trylon Towers, designed by Philip Johnson. Dramatic, unique space, that lends to the feeling that this is a special dining experience. There may be better steak houses in NY, but this is among the best.

          1. The Capital Grille is very good, not great. They have a formula that works in most secondary and tertiary cities. I've eaten in the NYC outpost and it was fine. In NYC there are better options. If you do go, get the calamari appetizer.

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            1. re: RICKO

              I would agree. I've been to the one in Atlanta (medium rare ended up as medium well...but I got that fixed, but was starting my meal when others were finishing) and the beef is good.

              I was invited to the grand opening party at the NYC outpost, and indeed the space is pretty cool. The meat they served was good, the shrimp was very good and the Stoli Dolies (stoli vodka infused pineapple) were off the hook.

              Alas, it is a very good restaurant in a city filled with excellent steakhouses. Better options abound.