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May 27, 2006 10:56 PM

New York City restaurants serving top notch dim sum.

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Atlanta chowhound looking for the best new york city dim sum, in Chinatown or midtown only.

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  1. ping's 22 mott st. chinatown

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    1. re: meb903

      Jing Fong on Elizabeth.

      Oriental Garden on Elizabeth.

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        foodie for life

        I second Ji Fong

        1. re: foodie for life

          I third Jing Fong, if that verb can be allowed for a moment.

    2. If you want an upscale place, Shun Lee has very good dimsum, though a lot more expensive than the places in chinatown. In Chinatown, HSF, Sweet Tart, Golden Unicorn are all good.

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        I recently had a good experience at Golden Unicorn as well.

      2. WONGS on Mullberyy Street

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          Chatham Square at 9 Chatham Square in Chinatown is fantastic (we just got back from 6 weeks in Hong Kong and other places we used to love paled in comparison). Baked pork dumpling (red) is wonderful.

        2. I'm gonna have to echo the reccomendations for Jing Fong. Not only do they make standout versions of traditional dim sum, they continue to amaze me by offering such items as fried pear-shape dumplings,complete with stem.

          Keepon smokin',
          Joey Deckle

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            I agree with Joey Deckle. The two of us have been really on top of the dim sum scene in NY for decades. Jing Fong has really picked up and if you catch some of their special dishes they are great.

            Having been to several of the dim sum halls in Hong Kong I feel that Jing Fong is as close to that experience as you can get in NY.

          2. If you are looking for a large scale banquet style Dim Sum hall in Chinatown... I think Jing Fong is the best. As for small scale Dim Sim house, I like HSF. Outside of Chinatown... that's a different story.

            eGustibus Food Blog []

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              i agree...jing fong is a little pricier i think but it is a nice space and very good dim sum. my family has been going to HSF since the 80's or something so there is some emotional attachment for me. but it's a solid dim sum location

              1. re: hugglyj

                Jing Fong is pricier? Pricier than what? It was always pretty cheap. I guess the priciness must be something new, since I haven't been back to Jing Fong in a couple of years or more.