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May 26, 2006 09:59 PM

NYC Restaurant Week???

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Is Restaurant Week the last week in June as always, or has it been changed? I've heard rumors about a mid-July date,and want to know the specifics--- curious minds want to know! Thanks.

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  1. Official NYC Visitor's Guide site says it's in mid-July this year.

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    1. re: Cindy

      I've linked below to the page with the list of participating restaurants.


    2. the website says that you can't start making reservations until the 18th, but I just made a lunch reservation at chanterelle for july 20th. Is that going to allow me get the restaurant week special, or will I have to make another and cancel this one? This is assuming Chanterelle participates as usual

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      1. re: auramay

        Chanterelle generally only seats the Resto Week specials at 2 pm, unless they've changed their tactics. So unless you reserved for 2, you might not be in the special zone. I'd check.

      2. Finally the list of restaurants participating in the Summer 2007 edition of RW has shown up on the official website

        Also- many restaurants on the Summer RW list continue the RW menu through Labor Day. That list shows up after Restaurant Week is over. Also, as noted by many Chowhounders in previous posts, many restaurants offer prix fixed lunches ($24.07 for 3 courses) throughout the year.