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May 25, 2006 12:05 PM

Recs near the Apollo Theater?

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Going to see Bill Maher tonite, and would like recs for best eats near the theater...Thanks!

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  1. 1. Mobays
    2. I've been wanting to try to the Sky Cafe at Wimps--
    both are on 125 St w/websites

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    1. re: Ora

      We think alike...I had the same suggestions :-)


    2. cheap and good is uptown juice bar on 125 btwn 5th and 6th (lenox) ave. vegetarian soul food, lots of tangy bbq fake meat.

      also good (with no vegetarian options) is la marmite (frederick douglass at 122nd), a senegalese place with great grilled meats slathered with a spicy onion sauce.

      manna's is a steam table/pay per pound place with soul food and decent salad options (125th/8th ave). a block or so up 8th ave from there is a carribean roti place that i've wanted to try but haven't yet

      there's also plenty of fast food...(including the chowhound guilty pleasure of popeye's)

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      1. re: freddie

        A well-known choice is the fried chicken at M&G Diner which has the benefit of being a few doors/a couple blocks down from the Apollo. It's not fancy, but for a quick bite, sit at the counter.

        1. re: freddie

          The roti place on 8th ave. (bet. 125 and 126) is Roti Plus. Trinidadian is a new cuisine to me, but last Saturday I ordered their huge conch roti with the optional kuchela (aka sour mango pickle) and pepper and it's as good as I've had anywhere, including Nostrand Ave. Very tender pieces of conch, a thin, moist roti well-dusted with dal. Perfect. I'll be back to sample more of the menu and more roti. Sorrel was surprisingly deep and herbal too.

          To corroborate, in 2000 Sietsema named it as best conch roti in NYC, along with Ali's. Looks like it's just as good today. Check it out! Good for eating in too, what with the nice furnishings and kitschy straw hut above the register.

          1. re: freddie

            Wimp's Sky Cafe on 125th, Bayou or Mo'Bay. There is also a seafood restuarant callled Pier 2110 that is slated to open in late June.


            1. re: freddie

              Manna's isn't so great. Was just there after reading about it here. Granted, I didn't have a feast - just some mac and cheese (uninspired), collard greens (nothing to write home about) and some banana pudding. (complete with Nilla wafers. Pretty good). There are better places to go (M&Gs for one)

              1. re: Misscox

                I have to agree with you about Manna yet for some reason people flock to that place. Don't understand it.